Možnost sdílení náhledů obrázků v rámci partnerských projektů

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BioLib will participate in a collaboration with a project called Encyclopedia of Life (EOL). Some of the data in BioLib will be provided to EOL in exchange for other useful data and backlinks. On its species pages, EOL will display both images contributed directly to EOL and scaled down previews (thumbnail and medium sized images, probably up to 500 pixels longer side) of some of the images from partner projects such as BioLib (and several others). Original copy will be still available only through BioLib, where each image will link. This might help BioLib to gain new visitors and contributors.

Since EOL will be open project with its content under free licenses such as Public Domain, Creative Commons CC-BY (attributing author), CC-BY-NC (attributing author & non-commercial use only) or CC-BY-SA (attributing author and sharing of derived data under identical license) - more about CC licenses here. Original size of image on BioLib (or on its author's photo-gallery) can be under any license, even copyrighted. The free license applies only to contributed medium sized and thumbnail version of the image. Read more about EOL licenses on this page -

Every author contributing to BioLib gallery can choose whether to allow EOL access to his images. BioLib will not provide partner projects with images by authors who haven't agreed to such collaboration or haven't uploaded their images under any of the aforementioned free licenses (PD, CC-BY, CC-BY-NC a CC-BY-SA). In the future there might be more similar kinds of collaboration with other projects, but if the conditions of image contribution should change, users will be informed. Any user will have opportunity to withdraw or join the collaboration any time he wishes.

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