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Tecophilaeaceae Leybold

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants »  class Liliopsida - monocotyledons

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family Tecophilaeaceae Leybold

genus Conanthera Ruiz & Pav.

species Conanthera bifolia Ruiz & Pav.

species Conanthera campanulata Lindl.

species Conanthera parvula (Phil.) Muñoz-Schick

species Conanthera trimaculata (D.Don) F.Meigen

species Conanthera urceolata Ravenna

genus Cyanastrum Oliv.

species Cyanastrum cordifolium Oliv.

Cyanastrum cordifolium

species Cyanastrum goetzeanum Engl.

species Cyanastrum johnstonii Baker

genus Cyanella Royen ex L.

species Cyanella alba L. f.

species Cyanella aquatica Oberm. ex G.Scott

species Cyanella cygnea G.Scott

species Cyanella hyacinthoides Royen ex L.

species Cyanella lutea L.f.

species Cyanella orchidiformis Jacq.

species Cyanella pentheri Zahlbr.

species Cyanella ramosissima (Engl. & Krause) Engl. & K.Krause

species Cyanella rosea Eckl. ex Baker

genus Eremiolirion J.C.Manning & F.Forest

species Eremiolirion amboense (Schinz) J.C.Manning & Mannh.

genus Kabuyea Brummitt

species Kabuyea hostifolia (Engl.) Brummitt

genus Odontostomum Torr. - Hartweg's doll's-lily

species Odontostomum hartwegii Torr. - Hartweg's Doll's-lily

genus Tecophilaea Bertero ex Colla

species Tecophilaea cyanocrocus Leyb.

species Tecophilaea violiflora Bertero ex Colla

genus Walleria J. Kirk

species Walleria gracilis (Salisb.) S.Carter

species Walleria mackenziei J.Kirk

species Walleria nutans J.Kirk

genus Zephyra D. Don

species Zephyra compacta C.Ehrh.

species Zephyra elegans D.Don

Records 1 to 37 of 37