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Bryopsida Rothm.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Bryophyta - mosses

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class Bryopsida Rothm.

subclass Bryidae Engl.

superorder Bryanae (Engl.) Goffinet et W.R. Buck

order Bartramiales D. Quandt, N.E. Bell et Stech

order Bryales Limpr.

order Hedwigiales Ochyra

order Orthotrichales Dixon

order Rhizogoniales (M. Fleisch.) Goffinet et W.R. Buck

order Splachnales (M. Fleisch.) Ochyra

superorder Hypnanae W.R. Buck, Goffinet et A.J. Shaw

order Hookeriales M. Fleisch.

order Hypnales (M. Fleisch.) W.R. Buck et Vitt

order Hypnodendrales N.E. Bell, A.E. Newton et D. Quandt

order Ptychomniales W.R. Buck, C.J. Cox, A.J. Shaw et Goffinet

subclass Buxbaumiidae Doweld

order Buxbaumiales M. Fleisch.

subclass Dicranidae Doweld

order Archidiales Limpr.

order Bryoxiphiales H.A. Crum et L.E. Anderson

order Dicranales H. Philib. ex M. Fleisch.

order Grimmiales M. Fleisch.

order Pottiales M. Fleisch.

order Scouleriales Goffinet et W.R. Buck

subclass Diphysciidae Ochyra

order Diphysciales M. Fleisch.

subclass Funariidae Ochyra

order Encalyptales Dixon

order Funariales M. Fleisch.

order Gigaspermales Goffinet, Wickett, O. Werner, Ros, A.J. Shaw et C.J. Cox

subclass Timmiidae Ochyra

order Timmiales Ochyra

Records 1 to 31 of 31