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Malpighiales Martius

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants

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order Malpighiales Martius

family Achariaceae Harms

family Balanopaceae Benth.

family Bonnetiaceae Beauvis

family Calophyllaceae J. Agardh

family Caryocaraceae Szyszyl.

family Centroplacaceae Doweld & Reveal

family Chrysobalanaceae R. Br.

family Clusiaceae Lindl.

family Ctenolophonaceae (H. Winkl.) Exell & Mendonça

family Dichapetalaceae Baill.

family Elatinaceae Dumort.

family Erythroxylaceae Kunth

family Euphorbiaceae Juss.

family Euphroniaceae Marc.-Berti

family Goupiaceae Miers

family Humiriaceae Juss.

family Hypericaceae Juss.

family Irvingiaceae Exell & Mendonça

family Ixonanthaceae Planch. ex Klotzsch

family Lacistemataceae Mart.

family Linaceae S. F. Gray

family Lophopyxidaceae (Engl.) H.H. Pfeiff.

family Malpighiaceae Juss.

family Ochnaceae DC.

family Pandaceae Pierre

family Passifloraceae Juss.

family Peraceae (Baill.) Benth. ex Klotsch

family Phyllanthaceae Martinov

family Picrodendraceae Small

family Podostemaceae Rich. ex C.A. Agardh

family Putranjivaceae Meisn.

family Rafflesiaceae Dum.

family Rhizophoraceae R. Br.

family Salicaceae Mirbel

family Trigoniaceae Endl.

family Violaceae Batsch

Records 1 to 37 of 37