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Caryophyllales Perleb

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants

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order Caryophyllales Perleb

family Achatocarpaceae Heimerl.

family Aizoaceae (Rudolphi) Martynov

family Amaranthaceae Juss.

family Anacampserotaceae Eggli & Nyffeler

family Ancistrocladaceae Planch.

family Asteropeiaceae Reveal & Hoogland

family Barbeuiaceae (Baill.) Nak.

family Basellaceae Raf.

family Cactaceae Jussieu

family Caryophyllaceae Juss.

family Didiereaceae Radlk. ex Drake

family Dioncophyllaceae Airy Shaw

family Droseraceae Salisb.

family Drosophyllaceae Chrtek, Slavíková & Studnička

family Frankeniaceae S.F. Gray

family Gisekiaceae Nakai

family Halophytaceae Soriano

family Kewaceae Christenh.

family Limeaceae Reveal

family Lophiocarpaceae Doweld & Reveal

family Macarthuriaceae Christenh.

family Microteaceae Schäferhoff & Borsch

family Molluginaceae (Hutchinson) Bartling

family Montiaceae Rafinesque

family Nepenthaceae Dum.

family Nyctaginaceae Juss.

family Physenaceae Takhtajan

family Phytolaccaceae R. Br.

family Plumbaginaceae Juss.

family Polygonaceae Juss.

family Portulacaceae Juss.

family Rhabdodendraceae (Engl.) Prance

family Sarcobataceae Behnke

family Simmondsiaceae (Pax) Van Tiegh.

family Stegnospermataceae (H. Walter) Nakai

family Talinaceae Doweld

family Tamaricaceae Link

Records 1 to 38 of 38