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kingdom Plantae - plants ยป  divisio Monilophyta - horsetails

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family Aspleniaceae Newm.

family Athyriaceae Alston

family Blechnaceae (C. Presl) Copel.

family Cystodiaceae J.R.Croft

family Cystopteridaceae (Payer) Schmakov

family Davalliaceae (Gaud.) M.R. Schomb.

family Dennstaedtiaceae Lotsy

family Diplaziopsidaceae X.C.Zhang & Christenh.

family Dryopteridaceae Herter

family Hemidictyaceae Christenh.

family Hypodematiaceae Ching

family Lindsaeaceae C. Presl ex M.R. Schomb.

family Lomariopsidaceae Alston

family Lonchitidaceae C.Presl ex M.R.Schomb.

family Nephrolepidaceae Pic.Serm.

family Oleandraceae (J. Sm.) R.C. Ching ex Pic. Serm.

family Onocleaceae Pic.Serm.

family Polypodiaceae Berchtold & J. Presl

family Pteridaceae E.D.M. Kirchn.

family Rhachidosoraceae X.C.Zhang

family Saccolomataceae Doweld

family Tectariaceae Panigrahi

family Thelypteridaceae Pic.Serm.

family Woodsiaceae (Diesl) Herter

Records 1 to 25 of 25