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Triphoridae J. E. Gray, 1847

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Gastropoda - gastropods »  order Unassigned Caenogastropoda

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family Triphoridae J. E. Gray, 1847

genus Aclophora Laseron, 1958

species Aclophora robusta C. F. Laseron, 1958

Aclophora robusta

species Aclophora xystica Jousseaume, 1884

Aclophora xystica

genus Aclophoropsis Marshall, 1983

species Aclophoropsis festiva A. Adams, 1851 - Festive Sinistral-creeper

Aclophoropsis festiva - Festive Sinistral-creeper

species Aclophoropsis maculosa (C. Hedley, 1903)

Aclophoropsis maculosa

species Aclophoropsis mcmichaeli (S. Kosuge, 1962)

Aclophoropsis mcmichaeli

species Aclophoropsis univitta (C.F. Laseron, 1954)

genus Bouchetriphora Marshall, 1983

species Bouchetriphora aspergata (C.F. Laseron, 1958)

species Bouchetriphora confusa (S. Kosuge, 1963)

species Bouchetriphora conspersa (E.A. Smith, 1885)

species Bouchetriphora marrowi B.A. Marshall, 1983

species Bouchetriphora otsuensis M. Yokoyama, 1920

species Bouchetriphora pallida W. H. Pease, 1870 - Pallid Sinistral-creeper

Bouchetriphora pallida - Pallid Sinistral-creeper

genus Cautor Finlay, 1927

species Cautor alveolata A. Adams & L. A. Reeve, 1850

species Cautor conferta C. F. Laseron, 1958

species Cautor cybaeus S. Kosuge, 1962

species Cautor lanceolata S. Kosuge, 1962

species Cautor lutea H. Suter, 1908

species Cautor macmichaeli S. Kosuge, 1962

species Cautor marcedus C. F. Laseron, 1958

species Cautor minima W. H. Pease, 1871

species Cautor obliqua W. L. May, 1915

species Cautor puniceus S. Kosuge, 1963

species Cautor similis W. H. Pease, 1871

species Cautor subfenestra S. Kosuge, 1962

species Cautor verrucosa A. Adams & L. A. Reeve, 1850

genus Cautotriphora Laws, 1940

genus Cheirodonta Marshall, 1983

species Cheirodonta labiata A. Adams in H. & A. Adams, 1851

Cheirodonta labiata

species Cheirodonta pallescens (Jeffreys, 1867)

genus Contraforis Laseron, 1958

genus Coriophora Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora albocaelarea (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora arafura (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora calcara (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora capricornia Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora cnodax (Jousseaume, 1884)

species Coriophora continens (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora cybaea (Kosuge, 1963)

species Coriophora dolicha (Watson, 1886)

species Coriophora eximia Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora fulva Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora fusca (Dunker, 1860)

Coriophora fusca

species Coriophora granosa (Pease, 1871)

Coriophora granosa

species Coriophora hungerfordi (Sowerby III, 1914)

species Coriophora inconspicua Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora iniqua (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora mellita (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora mistura Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora monilifera (Hinds, 1843)

species Coriophora montuosa Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora negrita Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora novem (Nowell-Usticke, 1969)

species Coriophora pallenta (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora pura (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora purpurea (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora retusa Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora rufosutura (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora shihi (Chang & Wu, 2005)

species Coriophora tigris Laseron, 1958

species Coriophora torpedo (Laseron, 1958)

species Coriophora tryoni (Chang & Wu, 2005)

species Coriophora ustulata (Hervier, 1897)

Coriophora ustulata

species Coriophora vermicula Laseron, 1958

genus Cosmotriphora Olsson & Harbison, 1953

species Cosmotriphora canarica F. Nordsieck & F. G. García-Talavera, 1979

species Cosmotriphora melanura C. B. Adams, 1850

species Cosmotriphora pseudocanarica Ph. Bouchet, 1982

genus Costatophora B. A. Marshall, 1994

species Costatophora granifera (J.W. Brazier, 1894)

Costatophora granifera

genus Differoforis Kosuge, 2008

genus Euthymella Thiele, 1929

species Euthymella bilix Hinds, 1843

Euthymella bilix

species Euthymella clathrata A. A. Gould, 1861

species Euthymella elegans (Hinds, 1843)

Euthymella elegans

species Euthymella elongata C. F. Laseron, 1958

Euthymella elongata

species Euthymella isaotakii S. Kosuge, 1962

species Euthymella kosugei B. A. Marshall, 1983

species Euthymella leucocephala S. Kosuge, 1963

species Euthymella regalis F. P. Jousseaume, 1884

genus Eutriphora Cotton & Godfrey, 1931

species Eutriphora bermudensis (P. Bartsch, 1911)

Eutriphora bermudensis

species Eutriphora cana Verco, 1909 - White Sinistral-creeper

Eutriphora cana - White Sinistral-creeper

species Eutriphora epallaxa Verco, 1909

genus Hedleytriphora Marshall, 1983

species Hedleytriphora elata J. Thiele, 1930

Hedleytriphora elata

species Hedleytriphora fasciata J. E. Tennison-Woods, 1879 - Banded Sinistral-creeper

Hedleytriphora fasciata - Banded Sinistral-creeper

species Hedleytriphora innotabilis (C. Hedley, 1903)

Hedleytriphora innotabilis

genus Hypotriphora Cotton & Godfrey, 1931

species Hypotriphora sagamiensis T. Kuroda & T. Habe, 1971

species Hypotriphora subula Verco, 1909

Hypotriphora subula

genus Inella Bayle, 1879

species Inella acicula S. Kosuge, 1962

species Inella aculeata S. Kosuge, 1962

species Inella asperrima (Hinds, 1843)

Inella asperrima

species Inella chrysalis S. Kosuge, 1963

Records 1 to 100 of 413  
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