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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Hymenoptera - bees, ants and wasps

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family Dryinidae

subfamily Aphelopinae

genus Aphelopus Dalman, 1823

species Aphelopus atratus (Dalman, 1823)

Aphelopus atratus

species Aphelopus camus Richards, 1939

species Aphelopus melaleucus (Dalman, 1818)

Aphelopus melaleucus

species Aphelopus nigriceps Kieffer, 1905

species Aphelopus orphanidesi Olmi, 1994

species Aphelopus querceus Olmi, 1984

species Aphelopus serratus Richards, 1939

subfamily Dryininae

tribus Anteonini

genus Anteon Jurine, 1807

species Anteon abdulnouri Olmi, 1987

species Anteon arcuatum Kieffer, 1905

species Anteon brachycerum (Dalman, 1823)

Anteon brachycerum

species Anteon ephippiger (Dalman, 1818)

species Anteon exiguum (Haupt, 1941)

species Anteon faciale (Thomson, 1860)

species Anteon flavicorne (Dalman, 1823)

species Anteon fulviventre (Haliday, 1828)

Anteon fulviventre

species Anteon gaullei Kieffer, 1905

Anteon gaullei

species Anteon infectum (Haliday, 1837)

species Anteon jurineanum Latreille, 1809

Anteon jurineanum

species Anteon pinetellum De Rond, 1998

species Anteon pubicorne (Dalman, 1818)

species Anteon reticulatum Kieffer, 1905

species Anteon scapulare (Haliday, 1837)

Anteon scapulare

species Anteon sekerae Ogloblin, 1925

species Anteon tripartitum (Kieffer, 1905)

genus Lonchodryinus Kieffer, 1905

species Lonchodryinus bakeri (Kieffer, 1906)

species Lonchodryinus cheni Xu & He, 1997

species Lonchodryinus ruficornis (Dalman, 1818)

Lonchodryinus ruficornis

genus Mystrophorus Foerster, 1856

species Mystrophorus apterus Ponomarenko, 2000

species Mystrophorus formicaeformis Ruthe, 1856

Mystrophorus formicaeformis

tribus Dryinini

genus Dryinus Latreille, 1804

species Dryinus albrechti (Olmi, 1984)

species Dryinus balearicus Olmi, 1987

species Dryinus berlandi (Bernard, 1935)

species Dryinus canariensis (Ceballos, 1927)

species Dryinus collaris (Linnaeus, 1767)

species Dryinus corsicus Marshall, 1874

species Dryinus dayi (Olmi, 1984)

species Dryinus gryps (Reinhard, 1863)

species Dryinus ibericus (Olmi, 1990)

species Dryinus maroccanus (Olmi, 1984)

species Dryinus niger Kieffer, 1904

Dryinus niger

species Dryinus sanderi Olmi, 1984

species Dryinus tarraconensis Marshall, 1818

Dryinus tarraconensis

species Dryinus tussaci Olmi, 1989

genus Richardsidryinus Moczar, 1965

tribus Gonatopodini

genus Gonatopus Ljungh, 1810

species Gonatopus albolineatus Kieffer, 1904

species Gonatopus albosignatus Kieffer, 1904

species Gonatopus ater Olmi, 1984

species Gonatopus atlanticus Olmi, 1984

species Gonatopus audax (Olmi, 1984)

species Gonatopus azorensis (Olmi, 1989)

species Gonatopus baeticus (Ceballos, 1927)

Gonatopus baeticus

species Gonatopus bicolor (Haliday, 1828)

Gonatopus bicolor

species Gonatopus bilineatus Kieffer, 1904

species Gonatopus blascoi Olmi, 1995

species Gonatopus brunneicollis (Richards, 1972)

species Gonatopus camelinus Kieffer, 1904

species Gonatopus canariensis (Olmi, 1984)

species Gonatopus chersonesius Ponomarenko, 1970

species Gonatopus clavipes (Thunberg, 1827)

Gonatopus clavipes

species Gonatopus distinctus Kieffer, 1906

Gonatopus distinctus

species Gonatopus distinguendus Kieffer, 1905

species Gonatopus doderoi (Olmi & Currado, 1974)

species Gonatopus dromedarius (Costa, 1882)

species Gonatopus europaeus (Olmi, 1986)

species Gonatopus felix (Olmi, 1984)

species Gonatopus focarilei (Olmi, 1984)

species Gonatopus formicarius Ljungh, 1810

species Gonatopus formicicolus (Richards, 1939)

species Gonatopus fortunatus Olmi, 1993

species Gonatopus graecus Olmi, 1984

species Gonatopus helleni (Raatikainen, 1961)

species Gonatopus horvathi Kieffer, 1906

species Gonatopus kenitrensis Olmi, 1990

species Gonatopus lindbergi Hellén, 1930

species Gonatopus longicollis (Kieffer, 1905)

species Gonatopus lunatus Klug, 1810

Gonatopus lunatus

species Gonatopus lycius Olmi, 1989

species Gonatopus mediterraneus Olmi, 1990

species Gonatopus nearcticus (Fenton, 1927)

species Gonatopus pallidus (Ceballos, 1927)

species Gonatopus pedestris Dalman, 1818

species Gonatopus planiceps Kieffer, 1904

species Gonatopus plumbeus Olmi, 1984

species Gonatopus popovi Ponomarenko, 1965

species Gonatopus pulicarius Klug, 1810

species Gonatopus rosellae (Currado & Olmi, 1974)

species Gonatopus solidus (Haupt, 1938)

species Gonatopus spectrum (Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1874)

Records 1 to 100 of 129  
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