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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Neuroptera - net-winged insects

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family Nemopteridae

subfamily Crocinae

genus Afghanocroce Hölzel, 1968

species Afghanocroce vartianorum Hölzel, 1968

genus Amerocroce Mansell, 1983

species Amerocroce boliviana Mansell, 1983

genus Anacroce Hölzel, 1975

species Anacroce freidbergi Hölzel, 1975

genus Austrocroce Tjeder, 1974

species Austrocroce attenuata (Froggatt, 1904)

species Austrocroce longipennis (Navás, 1910)

species Austrocroce mira (McKeown, 1939)

species Austrocroce occidens Mansell, 1983

genus Dielocroce

genus Josandreva Navas, 1906

species Josandreva pusilla (E. O. Taschenberg, 1883)

species Josandreva sazi Navás, 1906

species Josandreva tincta Navás, 1926

genus Pastranaia Orfila, 1955

genus Pterocroce Withycombe, 1923

species Pterocroce capillaris (Klug, 1836)

subfamily Nemopterinae

genus Barbibucca Tjeder, 1967

species Barbibucca biremis (Kolbe, 1900)

species Barbibucca elegans Tjeder, 1967

genus Lertha Navas, 1910

species Lertha extensa (Olivier, 1811)

species Lertha ledereri (Sélys-Longchamps, 1866)

species Lertha sofiae Monserrat, 1988

genus Nemoptera Latreille, 1802

species Nemoptera aegyptiaca Rambur, 1842

species Nemoptera alba Olivier, 1811

species Nemoptera bipennis (Illiger, 1812)

Nemoptera bipennis

species Nemoptera coa (Linnaeus, 1758)

Nemoptera coa

species Nemoptera orientalis (Olivier, 1791)

species Nemoptera rachelii Aspöck et al., 2006

species Nemoptera sinuata Olivier, 1811

Nemoptera sinuata

genus Nemopterella Banks, 1910

genus Apocroce Tjeder, 1974

species Apocroce pusilla (E. O. Taschenberg, 1883)

species Apocroce spuria Tjeder, 1975

genus Carnarviana Mansell, 1983

species Carnarviana cretata Mansell, 1983

species Carnarviana janthorum Mansell, 1983

genus Chasmoptera Kirby, 1900

species Chasmoptera huttii (Westwood, 1848)

species Chasmoptera mathewsi Koch, 1967

species Chasmoptera superba Tillyard, 1925

genus Laurhervasia

genus Nemeura

genus Nemopistha

genus Semirhynchia

Records 1 to 52 of 52