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Phthiraptera Haeckel, 1896

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects

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order Phthiraptera Haeckel, 1896

suborder Amblycera Kellogg, 1896

superfamily Gyropoidea

family Gliricolidae

family Gyropidae

superfamily Laemobothrioidea

superfamily Menoponoidea - bird lice

family Menoponidae - bird lice

superfamily Ricinoidea

family Ricinidae

superfamily Trimenoponoidea

family Trimenoponidae Neumann, 1890

family Boopiidae

suborder Anoplura Leach, 1815 - sucking lice

infraorder Atentoria

superfamily Echinophthirioidea

family Echinophthiriidae Enderlein, 1904

superfamily Linognathoidea

family Enderleinellidae Ewing, 1929

family Linognathidae

family Pedicinidae Enderlein, 1904

family Polyplacidae Fahrenholz, 1912

family Pthiridae

superfamily Pediculoidea

family Pediculidae Leach, 1817

suborder Ischnocera

infraorder Philopterocera

superfamily Goniodoidea

family Goniodidae

superfamily Philopteroidea

family Philopteridae

infraorder Trichodectocera

superfamily Trichodectoidea

family Trichodectidae Kellogg, 1896

suborder Rhynchophthirina Ferris, 1931

family Haematomyzidae Ferris, 1931

Records 1 to 41 of 41