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book and bark lice
Psocoptera Shipley, 1904

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects

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order Psocoptera Shipley, 1904 - book and bark lice

suborder Psocomorpha Badonnel, 1951

infraorder Caeciliusetae Pearman, 1936

superfamily Asiopsocoidea

family Asiopsocidae Mockford & García Aldrete, 1976

superfamily Caeciliusoidea Kolbe, 1880

family Amphipsocidae Pearman, 1936

family Caeciliusidae Kolbe, 1880

family Stenopsocidae

family Paracaeciliidae Mockford, 1989

infraorder Epipsocetae Pearman, 1936

family Epipsocidae

family Ptiloneuridae

infraorder Homilopsocidea Pearman, 1936

family Ectopsocidae - ectopsocids

family Elipsocidae

family Lachesillidae Pearman, 1936

family Mesopsocidae

family Peripsocidae

family Philotarsidae

family Pseudocaeciliidae Pearman, 1936

family Archipsocidae Enderlein, 1903

family Calopsocidae Pearman, 1936

family Lesneiidae Schmidt & New, 2004

family Sabulopsocidae Schmidt & New, 2004

infraorder Psocetae Pearman, 1936

family Myopsocidae

family Psocidae - common barklice

family Hemipsocidae Pearman, 1936

family Psilopsocidae Mockford, 1961

suborder Troctomorpha

infraorder Amphientometae

superfamily Amphientomoidea

superfamily Electrentomoidea

infraorder Nanopsocetae

suborder Trogiomorpha

infraorder Atropetae

family Psoquillidae

family Trogiidae

Records 1 to 54 of 54