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Roccellaceae Chevall.

kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Arthoniomycetes

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family Roccellaceae Chevall.

genus Ancistroporella G. Thor

genus Ancistrosporella G. Thor

species Ancistrosporella australiensis (G. Thor) G. Thor

genus Angiactis Aptroot & Sparrius

genus Bactrospora A. Massal. - bactrospora lichen

species Bactrospora arthonioides Egea & Torrente

species Bactrospora brevispora R. C. Harris

species Bactrospora brodoi Egea & Torrente

species Bactrospora corticola (Fr.) Almq.

species Bactrospora denticulata (Vainio) Egea & Torrente

species Bactrospora dryina (Ach.) A. Massal. - Bactrospora Lichen

species Bactrospora granularis Kantvilas

species Bactrospora homalotropa (Nyl.) Egea & Torrente

species Bactrospora macrospora R. C. Harris

species Bactrospora mesospora R. C. Harris

species Bactrospora metabola (Nyl.) Egea & Torrente

species Bactrospora micareoides Kantvilas

species Bactrospora myriadea (Fée) Egea & Torrente

species Bactrospora paludicola Kantvilas

species Bactrospora patellarioides (Nyl.) Almq. - Bactrospora Lichen

species Bactrospora spiralis Egea & Torrente

genus Chiodecton Ach. - chiodecton lichen

species Chiodecton acarosporoides C.W. Dodge

species Chiodecton colensoi (A. Massal.) Müll. Arg. - Perplexed Chiodecton Lichen

species Chiodecton congestulum Nyl.

species Chiodecton effusum Fée

species Chiodecton farinaceum Fée

species Chiodecton flavovirens G. Thor

species Chiodecton heterogenum (C. Knight) Zahlbr.

species Chiodecton leptosporum Müll. Arg.

species Chiodecton macquariense C.W. Dodge

species Chiodecton maculatum (C. Knight) Zahlbr.

species Chiodecton malmei Thor - Malme's Chiodecton Lichen

species Chiodecton montanum G. Thor

species Chiodecton mycelioides Vain.

species Chiodecton ochroleucum Zahlbr. - Yellow Chiodecton Lichen

species Chiodecton queenslandiae G. Thor

species Chiodecton sphaerale Ach. - Chiodecton Lichen

species Chiodecton stictathecium (C. Knight) Zahlbr.

species Chiodecton sublaevigatum Kremp.

species Chiodecton subochroleucum Fink - Chiodecton Lichen

genus Combea De Not.

species Combea californica (Th. Fr.) Follmann & M. Geyer

species Combea mollusca (Ach.) Nyl.

genus Cresponea Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea apiculata Egea, Sérus. & Torrente

species Cresponea chloroconia (Tuck.) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea flava (Vainio) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea flavescens (Vain.) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea follmannii (C.W. Dodge) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea leprieurii (Mont.) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea leprieuroides (Nyl.) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea macrocarpoides (Zahlbr.) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea melanocheloides (Vain.) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea plurilocularis (Nyl.) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea premnea (Ach.) Egea & Torrente

species Cresponea proximata (Nyl.) Egea & Torrente

genus Dendrographa Darb. - dendrographa lichen

species Dendrographa alectoroides Sundin & Tehler

species Dendrographa leucophaea (Tuck.) Darbish. - Dendrographa Lichen

genus Dichosporidium Pat.

species Dichosporidium boschianum (Mont.) G. Thor

genus Dimidiographa Ertz & Tehler

genus Diplogramma Müll. Arg.

species Diplogramma australiensis Müll. Arg.

genus Dirina Fr. - dirina lichen

species Dirina catalinariae Hasse - Dirina Lichen

species Dirina insulae-howensis Sparrius

species Dirina massiliensis Durieu & Mont.

species Dirina paradoxa (Fee) Tehler - Paradox Dirina Lichen

species Dirina stenhammari (Fr. ex Stenh.) Poelt & Follmann

genus Dolichocarpus R. Sant.

genus Enterodictyon Müll. Arg.

species Enterodictyon velatum (C. Knight) Zahlbr.

genus Enterographa Fée - enterographa lichen

species Enterographa anguinella (Vain.) Redinger

species Enterographa bella R. Sant.

species Enterographa compunctula (Nyl.) Redinger

species Enterographa crassa (DC.) Fée

species Enterographa deslooveri Sérus.

species Enterographa divergens (Müll. Arg.) Redinger

species Enterographa elaborata (Lyell ex Leight.) Coppins & P. James

species Enterographa elixii Sparrius

species Enterographa hutchinsiae (Leight.) A. Massal.

species Enterographa lecanoroides R. C. Harris

species Enterographa micrographa (Nyl.) Redinger

species Enterographa pallidella (Nyl.) Redinger

species Enterographa sorediata Coppins & P. James

species Enterographa subgelatinosa (Stirt.) Redinger

species Enterographa subserialis (Nyl.) Redinger

species Enterographa zonata (Korber) Kallsten

genus Erythrodecton G. Thor

species Erythrodecton malacum (Kremp.) G. Thor

genus Feigeana Mies, Lumbsch & Tehler

species Feigeana socotrana Mies, Lumbsch & Tehler

genus Follmanniella Peine & B. Werner

species Follmanniella scutellata Peine & B. Werner

genus Gorgadesia Tav.

genus Graphidastra (Redinger) G. Thor

Records 1 to 100 of 312  
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