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kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Lecanoromycetes

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family Hymeneliaceae

genus Bouvetiella Øvstedal

species Bouvetiella pallida øvstedal 1986

genus Eiglera Hafellner - eiglera lichen

species Eiglera flavida (Hepp) Hafellner - Eiglera Lichen

species Eiglera homalomorpha (Nyl.) Clauz. & Roux

genus Hymenelia Kremp. - hymenelia lichen

species Hymenelia arctica (Lynge) Lutzoni

species Hymenelia ceracea (Arnold) Poelt & Všzda

species Hymenelia cyanocarpa (Anzi) Lutzoni

species Hymenelia epulotica (Ach.) Lutzoni

species Hymenelia heteromorpha (Krempelh.) Lutzoni

species Hymenelia obtecta (Vain.) Poelt & Vezda

species Hymenelia prevostii (Duby) Kremp.

species Hymenelia rhodopis (Sommerf.) Lutzoni

species Hymenelia similis (A. Massal.) M. Choisy

genus Ionaspis Th. Fr. - ionaspis lichen

species Ionaspis alba Lutzoni

species Ionaspis annularis H. Magn.

species Ionaspis ceracea (Arnold) Hafellner & Türk

species Ionaspis chrysophana (Korber) Stein - Ionaspis Lichen

species Ionaspis kerguelensis C.W. Dodge

species Ionaspis lacustris (With.) Lutzoni

species Ionaspis lavata H. Magn. - Ionaspis Lichen

species Ionaspis melanocarpa (Krempelh.) Arnold

species Ionaspis odora (Ach.) Stein - Ionaspis Liche

species Ionaspis spitsbergensis H. Magn. - Spitsberg Ionaspis Lichen

genus Pachyospora A. Massal.

Records 1 to 28 of 28