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Bryidae Engl.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Bryophyta - mosses

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superorder Bryanae (Engl.) Goffinet et W.R. Buck

order Bartramiales D. Quandt, N.E. Bell et Stech

family Bartramiaceae Schwägr.

order Bryales Limpr.

family Bryaceae Schwägr.

family Mniaceae Schwägr.

family Catoscopiaceae Broth.

family Leptostomataceae Schwägr.

family Phyllodrepaniaceae Crosby

family Pseudoditrichaceae Steere et Z. Iwats.

family Pulchrinodaceae D. Quandt, N.E. Bell et Stech

order Hedwigiales Ochyra

family Hedwigiaceae Schimp.

family Helicophyllaceae Broth.

family Rhacocarpaceae Kindb.

order Orthotrichales Dixon

family Orthotrichaceae Arn.

order Rhizogoniales (M. Fleisch.) Goffinet et W.R. Buck

family Aulacomniaceae Schimp.

family Orthodontiaceae Goffinet

family Rhizogoniaceae Broth.

order Splachnales (M. Fleisch.) Ochyra

family Splachnaceae Grev. & Arn.

family Meesiaceae Schimp.

superorder Hypnanae W.R. Buck, Goffinet et A.J. Shaw

order Hookeriales M. Fleisch.

family Hookeriaceae Schimp.

family Callicostaceae H.A. Crum

family Daltoniaceae Schimp.

family Hypopterygiaceae Mitt.

family Leucomiaceae Broth.

family Saulomataceae W.R. Buck, C.J. Cox, A.J. Shaw et Goffinet

family Schimperobryaceae W.R. Buck, C.J. Cox, A.J. Shaw et Goffinet.

order Hypnales (M. Fleisch.) W.R. Buck et Vitt

family Amblystegiaceae G. Roth

family Anomodontaceae Kindb.

family Brachytheciaceae Schimp.

family Calliergonaceae Vanderpoorten, Hedenäs, C.J. Cox et A.J. Shaw.

family Catagoniaceae W.R. Buck et Ireland

family Climaciaceae Kindb.

family Cryphaeaceae Schimp.

family Echinodiaceae Broth.

family Entodontaceae Kindb.

family Fabroniaceae Schimp.

family Fontinalaceae Schimp.

family Helodiaceae Ochyra

family Hylocomiaceae (Broth.) M. Fleisch.

family Hypnaceae Schimp.

family Lembophyllaceae Broth.

family Leptodontaceae Schimp.

family Lepyrodontaceae Broth.

family Leskeaceae Schimp.

family Leucodontaceae Schimp.

family Meteoriaceae Kindb.

family Microtheciellaceae H.A. Mill. et A.J. Harr.

family Miyabeaceae Enroth, S. Olsson, Buchbender, Hedenäs, Huttunen et D. Quandt

family Myriniaceae Schimp.

family Myuriaceae M. Fleisch.

family Neckeraceae Schimp.

family Orthorrhynchiaceae S.H. Lin

family Phyllogoniaceae Kindb.

family Plagiotheciaceae M. Fleisch.

family Prionodontaceae Broth.

family Pterigynandraceae Schimp.

family Pterobryaceae Kindb.

family Pylaisiadelphaceae Goffinet et W.R. Buck

family Regmatodontaceae Broth.

family Rhizofabroniaceae Huttunen, Ignatov, D. Quandt et Hedenäs.

family Rhytidiaceae Broth.

family Rutenbergiaceae M. Fleisch.

family Sematophyllaceae Broth.

family Sorapillaceae M. Fleisch.

family Stereophyllaceae W.R. Buck et Ireland

family Symphyodontaceae M. Fleisch.

family Theliaceae M. Fleisch.

family Thuidiaceae Schimp.

family Trachylomataceae W.R. Buck et Vitt

order Hypnodendrales N.E. Bell, A.E. Newton et D. Quandt

family Braithwaiteaceae N.E. Bell, A.E. Newton et D. Quandt

family Hypnodendraceae Broth.

family Pterobryellaceae (Broth.) W.R. Buck et Vitt

family Racopilaceae Kindb.

order Ptychomniales W.R. Buck, C.J. Cox, A.J. Shaw et Goffinet

family Ptychomniaceae M. Fleisch.

Records 1 to 85 of 85