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Hydroida Johnston, 1836

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Cnidaria - anemones, corals and jellyfish

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order Hydroida Johnston, 1836

suborder Hydrida

family Hydridae

family Protohydridae

suborder Leptomedusae Haeckel, 1866

superfamily Campanulinoidea

family Campanulinidae Hincks, 1868

superfamily Eirenoidea

family Eirenidae

superfamily Lovenelloidea

family Lovenellidae

superfamily Plumularioidea McCrady, 1859

family Aglaopheniidae Marktanner-Turneretscher, 1890

family Halopterididae Millard, 1962

family Kirchenpaueriidae Stechow, 1921

family Phylactothecidae Stechow, 1921

family Plumaleciidae Choong & Calder, 2018

family Plumulariidae Agassiz, 1862

family Schizotrichidae Peña Cantero, Sentandreu & Latorre, 2010

family Aequoreidae

family Malagazziidae

family Phialellidae

family Melicertidae

family Orchistomidae

family Laodiceidae

family Tiarannidae

family Tiaropsidae Boero, Bouillon & Danovaro, 1987

family Mitrocomidae Haeckel, 1879

family Hebellidae

family Lafoeidae

family Haleciidae

family Halopteriidae

family Sertulariidae Fleming, 1828

family Syntheciidae

family Campanulariidae Johnston 1836

family Eutimidae

family Calycellidae

family Clathrozoidae Stechow, 1921

family Octocannoididae Bouillon, Boero & Seghers, 1991

family Phialuciidae

family Timoididae

suborder Limnomedusae

family Armorhydridae Swedmark & Teissier, 1958

family Hydrolariidae

family Microhydridae

family Olindiasidae

family Proboscidactylidae Hand & Hendrickson, 1950

Records 1 to 53 of 53