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Florideophyceae Cronquist

phylum Rhodophyta - red algae

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class Florideophyceae Cronquist

subclass Ahnfeltiophycidae

order Ahnfeltiales C.A. Maggs & C.M. Pueschel

order Pihiellales

subclass Corallinophycidae

order Corallinales P.C. Silva & H.W. Johansen

order Hapalidiales W.A.Nelson, J.E.Sutherland, T.J.Farr & H.S.Yoon

subclass Hildenbrandiophycidae

order Hildenbrandiales Pueschel & Cole

subclass Nemaliophycidae

order Acrochaetiales Feldmann

order Balbianiales R.G. Sheath & K.M. Müller

order Balliales H.-G. Choi, G.T. Kraft & G.W. Saunders

order Batrachospermales Pueschel & K.M. Cole

order Colaconematales J.T. Harper & G.W. Saunders

order Nemaliales

order Palmariales

subclass Rhodymeniophycidae

order Acrosymphytales R.D.Withall & G.W.Saunders

order Ceramiales

order Gelidiales

order Gigartinales

order Halymeniales

order Nemastomatales Kylin

order Peyssonneliales D.M. Krayesky, Fredericq & J.N. Norris

order Plocamiales

Records 1 to 30 of 30