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kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Lecanoromycetes

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family Thelotremataceae

genus Ampliotrema Kalb ex Kalb

species Ampliotrema amplius (Nyl.) Kalb ex Kalb

species Ampliotrema auratum (Tuck.) Kalb

species Ampliotrema discolor (Ach.) Kalb ex Kalb

species Ampliotrema lepadinoides (Leight.) Kalb ex Kalb

genus Chapsa A. Massal.

species Chapsa indicum A. Massal.

genus Chroodiscus (Müll. Arg.) Müll. Arg.

species Chroodiscus africanus R. Sant. & Lücking

species Chroodiscus alborosellus (Nyl.) Kalb

species Chroodiscus anomalus Vezda

species Chroodiscus asteliae Kantvilas & Vezda

species Chroodiscus australiensis Vezda & Lumbsch

species Chroodiscus australis Kantvilas & Vezda

species Chroodiscus brasilianus (Hale) Staiger & Kalb

species Chroodiscus coccineus (Leight.) Müll. Arg.

species Chroodiscus lamelliferus Kantvilas & Vezda

species Chroodiscus megalophthalmus (Müll. Arg.) Vezda & Kantvilas

species Chroodiscus minor Kantvilas & Vezda

species Chroodiscus mirificus (Kremp.) R. Sant.

species Chroodiscus neotropicus Kalb & Vezda ex Lücking

species Chroodiscus submuralis Lücking

species Chroodiscus verrucosus R. Sant., Lücking & Vezda

genus Diploschistes Norman - crater lichen

species Diploschistes actinostomus (Ach.) Zalhbr. - Crater Lichen

species Diploschistes aeneus (Müll. Arg.) Lumbsch - Crater Lichen

species Diploschistes almbornii C.W. Dodge

species Diploschistes arabiensis Lumbsch

species Diploschistes badius Lumbsch & Elix - Crater Lichen

species Diploschistes caesioplumbeus (Nyl.) Vain.

species Diploschistes candidissimus (Krempelh.) Zahlbr.

species Diploschistes diacapsis (Ach.) Lumbsch - Crater Lichen

species Diploschistes diploschistoides (Vain.) G. Salisb.

species Diploschistes euganeus (A. Massal.)Steiner

species Diploschistes farinosus (Anzi) Vezda

species Diploschistes gypsaceus (Ach.) Zahlbr. - Crater Lichen

species Diploschistes gyrophoricus Lumbsch & Elix

species Diploschistes hensseniae Lumbsch & Elix

species Diploschistes hypoleucus Zahlbr. - Crater Lichen

species Diploschistes microsporus Lumbsch & Elix

species Diploschistes muscorum (Scop.) R. Sant. - Crater Lichen

Diploschistes muscorum - Crater Lichen

species Diploschistes ochrophanes Lettau

species Diploschistes scruposus (Schreber) Norm. - Crater Lichen

Diploschistes scruposus - Crater Lichen

species Diploschistes sticticus (Körb.) Müll. Arg.

species Diploschistes thunbergianus (Ach.) Lumbsch & Vezda

genus Fibrillithecis A. Frisch

genus Gyrotrema A. Frisch

genus Ingvariella Guderley & Lumbsch

species Ingvariella bispora (Bagl.) Guderley & Lumbsch - Crater Lichen

genus Leptotrema Mont. & Bosch

species Leptotrema aemulans (Kremp.) Müll. Arg.

species Leptotrema aemulum Müll. Arg.

species Leptotrema albocoronatum C. Knight

species Leptotrema argillaceum Szatala

species Leptotrema calathiforme (Vain.) Zahlbr.

species Leptotrema endoxanthellum Zahlbr.

species Leptotrema lepadodes (Tuck.) Zahlbr.

species Leptotrema lithophila Oksner

species Leptotrema melanosporum (C. Knight) Zahlbr.

species Leptotrema microglaenoides (Vain.) Zahlbr.

species Leptotrema neozelandicum C.W. Dodge

species Leptotrema nitidulum Müll. Arg.

species Leptotrema nuwarense (Hale) Nagarkar, Sethy & Patw.

species Leptotrema oxysporum Redinger

species Leptotrema patulum (Nyl.) Müll. Arg.

species Leptotrema polycarpum Mull. Arg.

species Leptotrema polyporum Riddle

species Leptotrema schizoloma Müll. Arg.

genus Leucodecton A. Massal.

genus Melanotopelia Lumbsch & Mangold

genus Melanotrema Frisch

genus Myriotrema Fée - myriotrema lichen

species Myriotrema albidulum (Nyl.) Hale

species Myriotrema albocinctum Hale

species Myriotrema anamalaiense (Patw. & C.R. Kulk.) Hale

species Myriotrema bahianum (Ach.) Hale

species Myriotrema barroense (Hale) Hale

species Myriotrema calvescens (Fée) Hale

species Myriotrema cinereoglaucescens (Vain.) Hale

species Myriotrema cinereum (Müll. Arg.) Hale

species Myriotrema clandestinum (Fée) Hale

species Myriotrema columellatum (Zahlbr.) Sipman

species Myriotrema compunctum (Ach.) Hale - Myriotrema Lichen

species Myriotrema concretum (Fée) Hale

species Myriotrema configuratum (Hale) Hale

species Myriotrema congestum (Hale) Hale

species Myriotrema costaricense (Müll. Arg.) Hale

species Myriotrema craterellum Nagarkar & Hale

species Myriotrema dactyliferum (Hale) Hale

species Myriotrema deceptum (Hale) Hale

species Myriotrema elachistoteron (Leight.) Hale

species Myriotrema eminens (Hale) Hale

species Myriotrema erodens R. C. Harris

species Myriotrema exile (Hale) Hale

species Myriotrema extendens Nagarkar & Hale

species Myriotrema fissurinum Hale

species Myriotrema flavolucens Sipman

Records 1 to 100 of 621  
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