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net-winged beetles
Lycidae Laporte de Castelnau, 1836

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species Acantholycus apicalis J. Thomson, 1858
species Acantholycus carpenteri Pic, 1923
species Acantholycus clarus Kleine, 1940
species Acantholycus constrictus Fåhraeus, 1851
species Acantholycus corniger Dalman, 1817
species Acantholycus curtirostris Bourgeois, 1889
species Acantholycus elegans Murray, 1868
species Acantholycus harpago J. Thomson, 1858
species Acantholycus latissimus (Linnaeus, 1767)
species Acantholycus mocquergsi Bourgeois, 1889
species Acantholycus modestus (Gahan, 1909)

Acantholycus modestus

species Acantholycus praemorsus (Dalman, 1817)
species Acantholycus semilateralis Pic, 1923
species Acantholycus terminatus Dalman, 1840
species Acantholycus wittei Kleine, 1937
species Achras limbatum (Waterhouse, 1877)
species Aferos aethiops (Kleine, 1933)
species Aferos andrei Kazantsev, 2000
species Aferos basilewskyi Kazantsev, 2000
species Aferos brincki (Gomes Alves, 1967)
species Aferos dewittei Kazantsev, 2000
species Aferos endroedyi Kazantsev, 2005
species Aferos flavocoeruleus (Kleine, 1933)
species Aferos flavohumeralis Kazantsev, 1992
species Aferos kraatzi Kazantsev, 1992
species Aferos leleupi Kazantsev, 2000
species Aferos londonianus Kazantsev, 2000
species Aferos natalensis Kazantsev, 2005
species Aferos orientalis Kazantsev, 1992
species Aferos rubellus Kazantsev, 2005
species Aferos silvestris Kazantsev, 2005
species Aferos transvaalensis Kazantsev, 2005
species Aferos walteri Kazantsev, 2000
species Aferos youngai Kazantsev, 2005
species Aferos zambezianus Kazantsev, 1992
species Aplatopterus rubens (Gyllenhal, 1817)

Aplatopterus rubens

species Benibotarus alternatus (Fairmaire, 1856)
species Benibotarus arnoldii (Barovskij, 1932)
species Benibotarus longicornis (Reiche, 1878)
species Benibotarus spinicoxis (Kiesenwetter, 1874)
species Benibotarus taygetanus (Pic, 1905)
species Broxylus fenestratus (Pic, 1921)
species Broxylus pfeifferi (Waterhouse, 1878)

Broxylus pfeifferi

species Caenia scutellaris (Kirsch, 1865)
species Calcaeron alabensis Kazantsev, 2005
species Calcaeron baluensis Kazantsev, 2004
species Calcaeron sundaicus Kazantsev, 2004
species Calochromus amabilis Lea, 1899
species Calochromus basalis Waterhouse, 1877
species Calochromus cucullatus Blackburn, 1900
species Calochromus denticulatus Lea, 1921
species Calochromus dentipes Lea, 1909
species Calochromus dimidiatus (LeConte)
species Calochromus distinguendus Fairmaire, 1883
species Calochromus diversithorax Pic, 1942
species Calochromus fervens LeConte
species Calochromus guerinii W.J. Macleay, 1872
species Calochromus insidiator Fairmaire, 1877
species Calochromus mastersi Lea, 1909
species Calochromus minor Lea, 1909
species Calochromus nodicollis Bourgeois, 1884
species Calochromus perfacetus (Say)
species Calochromus reductus Pic, 1942
species Calochromus rostratus Blackburn, 1900
species Calochromus scutellaris (Erichson, 1842)
species Calochromus simillimus Blackburn, 1900
species Calochromus suturalifer Pic, 1923
species Calopteron brasiliense Laporte de Castelnau, 1840

Calopteron brasiliense

species Calopteron discrepans (Newman, 1838)
species Calopteron reticulatum (Fabricius, 1775)

Calopteron reticulatum

species Calopteron terminale (Say, 1823) - End-band Net-wing Beetle

Calopteron terminale - End-band Net-wing Beetle

species Cautires bourgeoisi (Harold, 1879)
species Cautires dubatolovi Kazantsev, 1995
species Cautires kurilensis (Medvedev, 1966)
species Cerceros aemulus Barovskij, 1930
species Cerceros flabellatus (Motschulsky, 1860)
species Cerceros medvedevi Kazantsev, 1993
species Cerceros ussuricus Kazantsev, 1993
species Cladophorus cinctum (Waterhouse, 1877)
species Cladophorus miniatus W.J. Macleay, 1887
species Cladophorus victoriensis Pic, 1923
species Conderis gorhami Pic, 1921
species Conderis lombokiensis Bocák, 1998
species Dictyoptera aurora (Herbst, 1784)

Dictyoptera aurora

species Dictyoptera elegans Nakane & Winkler, 1952
species Dictyoptera formosana Nakane, 1969
species Dictyoptera forticornis Pic, 1942
species Dictyoptera gansuensis Kazantsev, 2004
species Dictyoptera laomontana Kazantsev, 2012
species Dictyoptera laosensis Pic, 1926
species Dictyoptera marginicollis Boheman, 1858
species Dictyoptera panicola Kazantsev, 2012
species Dictyoptera phoupanensis Kazantsev, 2012
species Dictyoptera quadricostata (Pic, 1927)
species Dictyoptera recticarinata Kazantsev, 2012
species Dictyoptera sapporensis Kôno, 1932
species Dictyoptera simplicipes Mannerheim, 1843
species Dictyoptera speciosa Ohbayashi, 1954
species Dictyoptera triachroma Kazantsev, 2012
species Dictyoptera velata (Gorham, 1883)
species Dilophotes anthracinus Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes bhutanensis Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes bolavensis Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes holzschuhi Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes jendeki Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes kubani Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes laosensis Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes lizipingensis Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes luteus Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes moxiensis Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes pacholatkoi Bic, 2002
species Dilophotes sausai Bic, 2002
species Diplophotes atrorufus Gorham, 1879
species Dumbrellia brevicornis (Lea, 1899)
species Dumbrellia melancholica Lea, 1921
species Dumbrellia pilosicornis (Lea, 1899)
species Electropteron  avus Kazantsev, 2012
species Enylus amplus Kleine, 1930
species Eropterus arculus Green, 1951
species Eropterus bilineatus Green, 1951
species Eropterus glebulus Kazantsev, 2004
species Eropterus rectus Green, 1951
species Eropterus trilineatus (Melsheimer, 1846)
species Eros humeralis (Fabricius, 1801)
species Erotides cosnardi (Chevrolat, 1838)

Erotides cosnardi

species Erotides kanoi (Nakane)
species Erotides matsudai (Bokán)
species Erotides nasuta (Keisenwetter, 1874)
species Erotides schneideri (Kiesenwetter, 1877)
species Erotides sculptilis (Say, 1835)
species Erotides taiwana (Kono)
species Eulopheros harmandi (Bourgeois, 1902)
species Flabellotrichalus duplicatus Kleine, 1930
species Flabellotrichalus flabellicornis (Lea, 1909)
species Flabellotrichalus semiatratus (Lea, 1909)
species Greenarus belokobylskii Kazantsev, 2004
species Helcophorus berendti (Winkler, 1987)
species Helcophorus delicatus (Kazantsev, 1997)
species Helcophorus gobindanus Kazantsev, 2004
species Helcophorus murzini Kazantsev, 2004
species Helcophorus ostindicus (Kazantsev, 1997)
species Helcophorus tricolor (Kazantsev, 2000)
species Leptoceletes pennatum (Bourgeois, 1879)
species Lopheros braeti (Bourgeois, 1905)
species Lopheros brevicornis (Barovskij, 1930)
species Lopheros brunneorubens (Medvedev, 1966)
species Lopheros crassipalpis Nakane, 1969
species Lopheros crenatus (Germar, 1824)
species Lopheros lineatus (Gorham, 1883)
species Lopheros septentrionalis (Kono, 1932)
species Lycostomus acutecostatus Fairmaire, 1891
species Lycostomus albifacies Hermann, 1907
species Lycostomus ambiguus Waterhouse, 1879
species Lycostomus analis (Dalman, 1817)
species Lycostomus anceyi Pic, 1923
species Lycostomus andonarensis Kleine, 1930
species Lycostomus atricollis (Kraatz, 1879)
species Lycostomus atrimenbris Pic, 1926
species Lycostomus auriculatus Fairmaire, 1891
species Lycostomus cardinalis Kleine, 1926
species Lycostomus championi Gorham, 1880
species Lycostomus collaris Blair, 1928
species Lycostomus curtithorax Pic, 1926
species Lycostomus darjeelensis Kasantsev, 1991
species Lycostomus davidi Fairmaire, 1878
species Lycostomus decorus Kleine, 1935
species Lycostomus delectus Kasantsev, 1991
species Lycostomus delicuus Kasantsev, 1991
species Lycostomus elongatulus Bourgeois, 1885
species Lycostomus ferrugineus (Fabricius, 1798)
species Lycostomus flavipes Pic, 1937
species Lycostomus formosanus Pic, 1937
species Lycostomus fulvellus LeConte, 1881
species Lycostomus gestroi Bourgeois, 1882
species Lycostomus inapicalis Pic, 1938
species Lycostomus jeanvoinei Pic, 1927
species Lycostomus kabakovi Kasantsev, 1993
species Lycostomus klapperichi Kleine, 1939
species Lycostomus modestus (Kiesenwetter, 1874)
species Lycostomus porphyrophorus (Solsky, 1870)
species Lycostomus praeustus (Linnaeus, 1792)
species Lycostomus restitutus Bourgeois, 1885
species Lycostomus runsoriensis (Gahan, 1909)

Lycostomus runsoriensis

species Lycostomus semiellipictus Reitter, 1910
species Lycostomus vaucheri Bourgeois, 1905
species Lycus arizonensis Green, 1949
species Lycus australis Boisduval, 1835
species Lycus dentipes Dalmann, 1817
species Lycus fernandezi Dugés, 1878
species Lycus fulvellus LeConte, 1881
species Lycus lecontei Green, 1949
species Lycus loripes Chevrolat, 1835
species Lycus minutus Green, 1949
species Lycus ochraceus Dalman, 1818
species Lycus rostratellus Bourgeois
species Lycus rostratus (Linnaeus, 1767)
species Lycus rubescens Schaeffer, 1908
species Lycus sagittatus Green, 1949
species Lycus sanguineus Gorham, 1884
species Lycus sanguinipennis Say, 1823
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