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species Aetheolirion stenolobium Forman
species Amischotolype glabrata Hassk.

Amischotolype glabrata

species Amischotolype gracilis (Ridl.) I.M. Turner

Amischotolype gracilis

species Amischotolype griffithii (C.B. Clarke) I.M. Turner
species Amischotolype hispida (A. Rich.) D.Y. Hong
species Amischotolype hookeri (Hassk.) H. Hara
species Amischotolype irritans (Ridl.) I.M. Turner
species Amischotolype laxiflora (Merr.) Faden
species Amischotolype marginata (Blume) Hassk.
species Amischotolype mollissima (Blume) Hassk.

Amischotolype mollissima

species Amischotolype monosperma (C.B. Clarke) I.M. Turner
species Amischotolype tenuis (C.B. Clarke) R.S. Rao
species Aneilema acuminatum R. Br.
species Aneilema aequinoctiale (P. Beauv.) Loudon
species Aneilema alatum Koord.
species Aneilema angolense C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema aparine H. Perrier
species Aneilema arenicola Faden
species Aneilema benadirense Chiov.
species Aneilema beniniense (P. Beauv.) Kunth
species Aneilema biflorum R. Br.
species Aneilema brasiliense C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema brenanianum Faden
species Aneilema brunneospermum Faden
species Aneilema calceolus Brenan
species Aneilema chrysopogon Brenan
species Aneilema clarkei Rendle
species Aneilema dispermum Brenan
species Aneilema dregeanum Kunth
species Aneilema forsskalii Kunth
species Aneilema gillettii Brenan
species Aneilema hirtum A. Rich.
species Aneilema hockii De Wild.
species Aneilema homblei De Wild.
species Aneilema indehiscens Faden
species Aneilema johnstonii K. Schum.
species Aneilema lamuense Faden
species Aneilema lanceolatum Benth.
species Aneilema leiocaule K. Schum.
species Aneilema longicapsa Faden
species Aneilema longirrhizum Faden
species Aneilema macrorrhizum T.C.E. Fr.
species Aneilema mortonii Brenan
species Aneilema neocaledonicum Schltr.
species Aneilema nicholsonii C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema nyasense C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema obbiadense Chiov.
species Aneilema paludosum A. Chev.
species Aneilema pedunculosum C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema petersii (Hassk.) C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema plagiocapsa K. Schum.
species Aneilema pomeridianum Stanf. & Brenan
species Aneilema pusillum Chiov.
species Aneilema recurvatum Faden
species Aneilema rendlei C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema richardsiae Brenan
species Aneilema schlechteri K. Schum.
species Aneilema sclerocarpum F. Muell.
species Aneilema sebitense Faden
species Aneilema setiferum A. Chev.
species Aneilema siliculosum R. Br.
species Aneilema silvaticum Brenan
species Aneilema somaliense C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema spekei C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema succulentum Faden
species Aneilema tanaense Faden
species Aneilema taylorii C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema trispermum Faden
species Aneilema umbrosum (Vahl) Kunth
species Aneilema usambarense Faden
species Aneilema welwitschii C.B. Clarke
species Aneilema woodii Faden
species Aneilema zebrinum Chiov. ex Chiarugi
species Anigozanthos bicolor Endl.

Anigozanthos bicolor

species Anigozanthos flavidus DC.

Anigozanthos flavidus

species Anigozanthos gabrielae Domin - Dwarf Kangaroo Paw
species Anigozanthos humilis Lindl. - Cat's Paw

Anigozanthos humilis - Cat's Paw

species Anigozanthos kalbarriensis Hopper - Kalbarri Cat's Paw
species Anigozanthos manglesii D. Don - Red and Green Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos manglesii - Red and Green Kangaroo Paw

species Anigozanthos onycis A.S. George - Branched Cat's Paw
species Anigozanthos preissii Endl. - Albany Cat's Paw
species Anigozanthos pulcherrimus Hook. - Golden Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos pulcherrimus - Golden Kangaroo Paw

species Anigozanthos rufus Labill. - Red Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos rufus - Red Kangaroo Paw

species Anigozanthos viridis Endl. - Green Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos viridis - Green Kangaroo Paw

species Anthericopsis sepalosa (C.B. Clarke) Engl.
species Barberetta aurea Harv.
species Belosynapsis ciliata (Blume) R.S. Rao

Belosynapsis ciliata

species Belosynapsis epiphytica (Blatt.) C.E.C. Fisch.
species Belosynapsis kawakamii (Hayata) C.I. Peng & Y.J. Chen
species Belosynapsis kewensis Hassk.
species Belosynapsis moluccana (Roxb.) C.E.C. Fisch.
species Belosynapsis vivipara (Dalzell) C.E.C. Fisch.
species Blancoa canescens Lindl. - Red Bugle

Blancoa canescens - Red Bugle

species Buforrestia candolleana C.B. Clarke
species Buforrestia mannii C.B. Clarke
species Buforrestia obovata Brenan
species Callisia ciliata Kunth
species Callisia cordifolia (Sw.) E.S. Anderson & Woods. - Florida Roseling
species Callisia filiformis (M. Martens & Galeotti) D.R. Hunt
species Callisia fragrans (Lindl.) Woods. - Basketplant

Callisia fragrans - Basketplant

species Callisia gentlei Matuda

Callisia gentlei

species Callisia gracilis (Kunth) D.R. Hunt
species Callisia graminea (Small) G. Tucker - Grassleaf Roseling
species Callisia hintoniorum B.L. Turner
species Callisia insignis C.B. Clarke
species Callisia laui (D.R. Hunt) D.R. Hunt
species Callisia micrantha (Torr.) D.R. Hunt - Littleflower Roseling
species Callisia monandra (Sw.) Schult. & Schult.f. - Cojite Morado
species Callisia multiflora (M. Martens & Galeotti) Standl.
species Callisia navicularis (Ortgies) D.R. Hunt
species Callisia ornata (Small) G. Tucker - Florida Scrub Roseling
species Callisia repens (Jacq.) L. - Creeping Inchplant

Callisia repens - Creeping Inchplant

species Callisia rosea (Vent.) D.R. Hunt - Piedmont Roseling
species Callisia soconuscensis Matuda
species Callisia tehuantepecana Matuda
species Callisia warszewicziana (Kunth & C.D. Bouché) D.R. Hunt
species Cartonema baileyi F.M. Bailey
species Cartonema brachyantherum Benth.
species Cartonema parviflorum Hassk.
species Cartonema philydroides F. Muell.
species Cartonema spicatum R. Br.
species Cartonema tenue Caruel
species Cartonema trigonospermum C.B. Clarke
species Cochliostema velutinum Read
species Coleotrype baronii Baker
species Coleotrype brueckneriana Mildbr.
species Coleotrype goudotii C.B. Clarke
species Coleotrype laurentii K. Schum.
species Coleotrype lutea H. Perrier
species Coleotrype madagascarica C.B. Clarke
species Coleotrype natalensis C.B. Clarke
species Coleotrype synanthera H. Perrier
species Coleotrype vermigera H. Perrier
species Commelina acutispatha De Wild.
species Commelina acutissima Urb.
species Commelina africana L.
species Commelina agrostophylla F. Muell.
species Commelina albescens Hassk.
species Commelina albiflora Faden
species Commelina amplexicaulis Hassk.
species Commelina andamanica S.M.Joseph & Nampy
species Commelina appendiculata C.B. Clarke
species Commelina arenicola Faden
species Commelina ascendens J.K. Morton
species Commelina aspera G. Don ex Benth.
species Commelina attenuata K.D. Koenig ex Vahl
species Commelina aurantiiflora Faden & Raynsf.
species Commelina auriculata Blume
species Commelina avenifolia J. Graham
species Commelina bambusifolia Matuda
species Commelina bangii Rusby
species Commelina barbata Lam.
species Commelina beccariana Martelli
species Commelina bella Oberm.
species Commelina benghalensis L. - Jio

Commelina benghalensis - Jio

species Commelina bequaertii De Wild.
species Commelina boissieriana C.B. Clarke
species Commelina bracteosa Hassk.
species Commelina bravoa Matuda
species Commelina cameroonensis J.K. Morton
species Commelina capitata Benth.
species Commelina caroliniana Walter - Carolina Dayflower
species Commelina chamissonis Klotzsch ex C.B. Clarke
species Commelina ciliata Stanley
species Commelina claessensii De Wild.
species Commelina clarkeana K. Schum.
species Commelina clavata C.B. Clarke

Commelina clavata

species Commelina coelestis Willd. - Blue Spiderwort

Commelina coelestis - Blue Spiderwort

species Commelina communis L. - Asiatic Dayflower

Commelina communis - Asiatic Dayflower

species Commelina congesta C.B. Clarke
species Commelina congestipantha López-Ferr., Espejo & Ceja
species Commelina corbisieri De Wild.
species Commelina corradii Chiov. ex Chiarugi
species Commelina crassicaulis C.B. Clarke
species Commelina critica De Wild.
species Commelina cufodontii Chiov.
species Commelina cyanea R. Br. - Scurvy Grass
species Commelina dammeriana K. Schum.
species Commelina deflexa Rusby
species Commelina dekindtiana Fritsch
species Commelina demissa C.B. Clarke
species Commelina dianthifolia Delile - Birdbill Dayflower
species Commelina diffusa Burm. f. - Creeping Spiderwort

Commelina diffusa - Creeping Spiderwort

species Commelina disperma Faden
species Commelina droogmansiana De Wild.
species Commelina echinosperma K. Schum.
species Commelina eckloniana Kunth
species Commelina elliptica Kunth
species Commelina ensifolia R. Br. - Scurvy Grass
species Commelina erecta L. - Whitemouth Dayflower

Commelina erecta - Whitemouth Dayflower

species Commelina fasciculata Ruiz & Pav.
species Commelina fluviatilis Brenan
species Commelina foliacea Chiov.
species Commelina forskaolii Vahl - Rat's Ear
species Commelina frutescens Faden
species Commelina gambiae C.B. Clarke
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