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species Zingiber officinale Roscoe - Canton Ginger

Zingiber officinale - Canton Ginger

species Babiana stricta (Aiton) Ker Gawl. - Baboon Flower
species Sparaxis tricolor (Schneev.) Ker-Gawl. - Wandflower

Sparaxis tricolor - Wandflower

species Canna indica L. - Indian-shot

Canna indica - Indian-shot

species Commelina coelestis Willd. - Blue Spiderwort

Commelina coelestis - Blue Spiderwort

species Oreochloa disticha (Wulfen) Link

Oreochloa disticha

species Saccharum officinarum L. - Sugar Cane

Saccharum officinarum - Sugar Cane

species Phoenix dactylifera L. - Date

Phoenix dactylifera - Date

species Chamaerops humilis L. - Dwarf Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis - Dwarf Fan Palm

species Cocos nucifera L. - Coco-do-baia

Cocos nucifera - Coco-do-baia

species Lodoicea maldivica (J.F. Gmel.) Pers. - Coco-de-mer

Lodoicea maldivica - Coco-de-mer

species Elaeis guineensis Jacq. - African Oil Palm

Elaeis guineensis - African Oil Palm

species Thalassia testudinum Banks & Sol. ex K.D. Koenig - Turtlegrass
species Dieffenbachia seguine (Jacq.) Schott - Dumb-cane

Dieffenbachia seguine - Dumb-cane

species Monstera deliciosa Liebm. - Ceriman

Monstera deliciosa - Ceriman

species Pandanus edulis Thouars
species Bromus erectus Huds. - Upright Brome

Bromus erectus - Upright Brome

species Glyceria striata (Lam.) Hitchc. - Fowl Manna Grass
species Glyceria nemoralis (R. Uechtr.) R. Uechtr. & Körn.

Glyceria nemoralis

species Bromus hordeaceus L. - Soft Brome

Bromus hordeaceus - Soft Brome

species Bromus inermis Leyss. - Hungarian Brome

Bromus inermis - Hungarian Brome

species Bromus japonicus Thunb. - Thunberg's Brome

Bromus japonicus - Thunberg's Brome

species Bromus lanceolatus Roth - Large-headed Brome

Bromus lanceolatus - Large-headed Brome

species Bromus lepidus Holmb. - Slender Soft-brome
species Bromus madritensis L. - Compact Brome
species Bromus racemosus L. - Smooth Brome

Bromus racemosus - Smooth Brome

species Bromus ramosus Huds. - Hairy-brome

Bromus ramosus - Hairy-brome

species Bromus rigidus Roth - Ripgut Brome

Bromus rigidus - Ripgut Brome

species Bromus riparius Rehmann - Meadow Brome
species Bromus rubens L. - Foxtail Brome

Bromus rubens - Foxtail Brome

species Bromus scoparius L. - Broom Brome
species Bromus secalinus L. - Rye Brome

Bromus secalinus - Rye Brome

species Bromus squarrosus L. - Corn Brome

Bromus squarrosus - Corn Brome

species Bromus sterilis L. - Barren Brome

Bromus sterilis - Barren Brome

species Bromus tectorum L. - Drooping Brome

Bromus tectorum - Drooping Brome

species Brachypodium pinnatum (L.) P. Beauv. - Heath False-brome

Brachypodium pinnatum - Heath False-brome

species Brachypodium rupestre (Host) Roem. & Schult. - Tor-grass

Brachypodium rupestre - Tor-grass

species Brachypodium sylvaticum (Huds.) P. Beauv. - False-brome

Brachypodium sylvaticum - False-brome

species Elymus canadensis L. - Canada Wildrye
species Elymus caninus (L.) L. - Bearded Couch
species Elymus hispidus (Opiz) Melderis - Intermediate Wheatgrass

Elymus hispidus - Intermediate Wheatgrass

species Elymus repens (L.) Gould - Common Couch

Elymus repens - Common Couch

species Secale cereale L. - Cereal Rye

Secale cereale - Cereal Rye

species Triticum aestivum L. - Bread Wheat

Triticum aestivum - Bread Wheat

species Triticum monococcum L. - Einkorn

Triticum monococcum - Einkorn

species Triticum turgidum L. - Rivet Wheat

Triticum turgidum - Rivet Wheat

species Hordeum geniculatum All. - Mediterranean Barley

Hordeum geniculatum - Mediterranean Barley

species Hordeum jubatum L. - Foxtail Barley

Hordeum jubatum - Foxtail Barley

species Hordeum marinum Huds. - Sea Barley
species Hordeum murinum L. - Wall Barley

Hordeum murinum - Wall Barley

species Hordeum secalinum Schreb. - Meadow Barley
species Hordeum vulgare L. - Six-rowed Barley

Hordeum vulgare - Six-rowed Barley

species Hordelymus europaeus (L.) Jess. ex Harz - Wood Barley

Hordelymus europaeus - Wood Barley

species Avena fatua L. - Wild-oat

Avena fatua - Wild-oat

species Avena nuda L. - Naked Oat
species Avena sativa L. - Common Oat

Avena sativa - Common Oat

species Avena sterilis L. - Animated Oat

Avena sterilis - Animated Oat

species Avena strigosa Schreb. - Bristle Oat
species Helictotrichon desertorum (Less.) Nevski

Helictotrichon desertorum

species Helictochloa planiculmis (Schrad.) Romero Zarco

Helictochloa planiculmis

species Helictochloa pratensis (L.) Romero Zarco - Meadow Oat-grass

Helictochloa pratensis - Meadow Oat-grass

species Avenula pubescens (Huds.) Dumort. - Downy Oat-grass

Avenula pubescens - Downy Oat-grass

species Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) P. Beauv. ex J. Presl & C. Presl. - False Oat-grass

Arrhenatherum elatius - False Oat-grass

species Ventenata dubia (Leers) Coss. & Durieu - North Africa Grass
species Trisetum flavescens (L.) P. Beauv. - Yellow Oat-grass

Trisetum flavescens - Yellow Oat-grass

species Koeleria glauca (Spreng.) DC. - Large Blue Hairgrass
species Koeleria macrantha (Ledeb.) Schult. - Crested Hair-grass

Koeleria macrantha - Crested Hair-grass

species Koeleria pyramidata (Lam.) P. Beauv. - Crested Hair Grass

Koeleria pyramidata - Crested Hair Grass

species Lagurus ovatus L. - Hare's-tail

Lagurus ovatus - Hare's-tail

species Deschampsia cespitosa (L.) P. Beauv. - Tufted Hair-grass

Deschampsia cespitosa - Tufted Hair-grass

species Avenella flexuosa (L.) Drejer - Wavy Hair-grass

Avenella flexuosa - Wavy Hair-grass

species Aira caryophyllea L. - Silver Hair-grass

Aira caryophyllea - Silver Hair-grass

species Aira praecox L. - Early Hair-grass

Aira praecox - Early Hair-grass

species Hierochloë australis (Schrad.) Roem. & Schult.

Hierochloë australis

species Hierochloë hirta (Schrank) Borbás - Northern Sweetgrass
species Hierochloë odorata (L.) P. Beauv. - Holy-grass
species Hierochloë repens (Host) P. Beauv.

Hierochloë repens

species Anthoxanthum alpinum Á. Löve & D. Löve

Anthoxanthum alpinum

species Anthoxanthum aristatum Boiss. - Annual Vernal-grass
species Anthoxanthum odoratum L. - Sweet Vernal-grass

Anthoxanthum odoratum - Sweet Vernal-grass

species Holcus lanatus L. - Yorkshire-fog

Holcus lanatus - Yorkshire-fog

species Holcus mollis L. - Creeping Soft-grass
species Corynephorus canescens (L.) P. Beauv. - Grey Hair-grass

Corynephorus canescens - Grey Hair-grass

species Agrostis alpina Scop.

Agrostis alpina

species Agrostis canina L. - Velvet Bent
species Agrostis capillaris L. - Common Bent

Agrostis capillaris - Common Bent

species Agrostis gigantea Roth - Black Bent

Agrostis gigantea - Black Bent

species Agrostis rupestris All.
species Agrostis stolonifera L. - Creeping Bent

Agrostis stolonifera - Creeping Bent

species Agrostis vinealis Schreb. - Brown Bent

Agrostis vinealis - Brown Bent

species Calamagrostis arundinacea (L.) Roth - Reed-grass

Calamagrostis arundinacea - Reed-grass

species Calamagrostis canescens (Weber) Roth - Purple Small-reed

Calamagrostis canescens - Purple Small-reed

species Calamagrostis epigejos (L.) Roth - Wood Small-reed

Calamagrostis epigejos - Wood Small-reed

species Calamagrostis pseudophragmites (Haller f.) Koeler

Calamagrostis pseudophragmites

species Calamagrostis stricta (Timm) Koeler - Narrow Small-reed
species Calamagrostis varia (Schrad.) Host

Calamagrostis varia

species Calamagrostis villosa (Chaix) J. F. Gmelin

Calamagrostis villosa

species Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. - Orange Foxtail

Alopecurus aequalis - Orange Foxtail

species Alopecurus geniculatus L. - Marsh Foxtail

Alopecurus geniculatus - Marsh Foxtail

species Alopecurus myosuroides Huds. - Black-grass
species Alopecurus pratensis L. - Meadow Foxtail

Alopecurus pratensis - Meadow Foxtail

species Phleum nodosum L. - Smaller Cat's-tail

Phleum nodosum - Smaller Cat's-tail

species Phleum paniculatum Huds. - British Timothy
species Phleum phleoides (L.) H. Karst. - Purple-stem Cat's-tail

Phleum phleoides - Purple-stem Cat's-tail

species Phleum pratense L. - Timothy

Phleum pratense - Timothy

species Phleum rhaeticum (Humphries) Rauschert

Phleum rhaeticum

species Phleum subulatum (Savi) Asch. & Graebn. - Italian Timothy
species Phalaris arundinacea L. - Reed Canary-grass

Phalaris arundinacea - Reed Canary-grass

species Phalaris brachystachys Link - Confused Canary-grass
species Phalaris coerulescens Desf. - Sunolgrass
species Phalaris canariensis L. - Canary-grass

Phalaris canariensis - Canary-grass

species Phalaris minor Retz. - Lesser Canary-grass
species Phalaris paradoxa L. - Awned Canary-grass
species Coleanthus subtilis (Tratt.) Seidel ex Roem. & Schult. - Moss Grass

Coleanthus subtilis - Moss Grass

species Milium effusum L. - Wood Millet

Milium effusum - Wood Millet

species Stipa borysthenica Klokov ex Prokudin

Stipa borysthenica

species Stipa capillata L. - Hairy Feather-grass

Stipa capillata - Hairy Feather-grass

species Stipa dasyphylla (Czern. ex Lindem.) Trautv.

Stipa dasyphylla

species Stipa eriocaulis Borbás

Stipa eriocaulis

species Stipa pennata L. - European Feather Grass

Stipa pennata - European Feather Grass

species Stipa pulcherrima K. Koch

Stipa pulcherrima

species Stipa smirnovii Martinovský
species Stipa tirsa Steven

Stipa tirsa

species Stipa zalesskii Wilensky
species Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud. - Common Reed

Phragmites australis - Common Reed

species Danthonia alpina Vest

Danthonia alpina

species Danthonia decumbens (L.) DC. - Heath-grass

Danthonia decumbens - Heath-grass

species Glyceria declinata Bréb. - Small Sweet-grass

Glyceria declinata - Small Sweet-grass

species Glyceria fluitans (L.) R. Br. - Floating Sweet-grass

Glyceria fluitans - Floating Sweet-grass

species Sesleria caerulea (L.) Ard. - Blue Moor-grass

Sesleria caerulea - Blue Moor-grass

species Sesleria uliginosa Opiz

Sesleria uliginosa

species Apera spica-venti (L.) P. Beauv. - Loose Silky-bent

Apera spica-venti - Loose Silky-bent

species Briza maxima L. - Greater Quaking-grass

Briza maxima - Greater Quaking-grass

species Poa chaixii Vill. - Broad-leaved Meadow-grass

Poa chaixii - Broad-leaved Meadow-grass

species Poa compressa L. - Flattened Meadow-grass

Poa compressa - Flattened Meadow-grass

species Poa humilis Ehrh. ex Hoffm. - Spreading Meadow-grass
species Poa laxa Haenke - Mt. Washington Bluegrass

Poa laxa - Mt. Washington Bluegrass

species Poa nemoralis L. - Wood Meadow-grass

Poa nemoralis - Wood Meadow-grass

species Sagittaria latifolia Willd. - Duck-potato

Sagittaria latifolia - Duck-potato

species Sagittaria sagittifolia L. - Hawaii Arrowhead

Sagittaria sagittifolia - Hawaii Arrowhead

species Luronium natans (L.) Rafin. - Floating Water-plantain

Luronium natans - Floating Water-plantain

species Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L. - Common Frogbit

Hydrocharis morsus-ranae - Common Frogbit

species Stratiotes aloides L. - Water-soldier

Stratiotes aloides - Water-soldier

species Elodea canadensis Michx. - Canadian Waterweed

Elodea canadensis - Canadian Waterweed

species Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) H. St. John - Nuttall's Waterweed

Elodea nuttallii - Nuttall's Waterweed

species Vallisneria spiralis L. - Tapegrass

Vallisneria spiralis - Tapegrass

species Scheuchzeria palustris L. - Rannoch-rush

Scheuchzeria palustris - Rannoch-rush

species Triglochin maritima L. - Sea Arrowgrass

Triglochin maritima - Sea Arrowgrass

species Triglochin palustris L. - Marsh Arrowgrass

Triglochin palustris - Marsh Arrowgrass

species Groenlandia densa (L.) Fourr. - Opposite-leaved Pondweed

Groenlandia densa - Opposite-leaved Pondweed

species Potamogeton acutifolius Link - Sharp-leaved Pondweed

Potamogeton acutifolius - Sharp-leaved Pondweed

species Potamogeton alpinus Balb. - Red Pondweed

Potamogeton alpinus - Red Pondweed

species Potamogeton berchtoldii Fieber - Small Pondweed

Potamogeton berchtoldii - Small Pondweed

species Potamogeton coloratus Hornem. - Fen Pondweed

Potamogeton coloratus - Fen Pondweed

species Potamogeton compressus L. - Grass-wrack Pondweed
species Potamogeton crispus L. - Curled Pondweed

Potamogeton crispus - Curled Pondweed

species Potamogeton friesii Rupr. - Flat-stalked Pondweed
species Potamogeton gramineus L. - Various-leaved Pondweed
species Potamogeton lucens L. - Shining Pondweed

Potamogeton lucens - Shining Pondweed

species Potamogeton natans L. - Broad-leaved Pondweed

Potamogeton natans - Broad-leaved Pondweed

species Potamogeton nodosus Poir. - Loddon Pondweed

Potamogeton nodosus - Loddon Pondweed

species Potamogeton obtusifolius Mert. & W. D. J. Koch - Blunt-leaved Pondweed

Potamogeton obtusifolius - Blunt-leaved Pondweed

species Bromus benekenii (Lange) Trimen - Lesser Hairy-brome

Bromus benekenii - Lesser Hairy-brome

species Bromus briziformis Fisch. & C. A. Mey. - Rattlesnake Brome
species Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. - California Brome

Bromus carinatus - California Brome

species Pseudomuscari azureum (Fenzl) Garbari & Greuter - Azure Grape Hyacinth

Pseudomuscari azureum - Azure Grape Hyacinth

species Spathiphyllum wallisii Regel - Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum wallisii - Peace Lily

species Hedychium gardnerianum Shepard ex Ker-Gawl. - Kahila Garland-lily

Hedychium gardnerianum - Kahila Garland-lily

species Agave victoriae-reginae T. Moore - Queen Victoria Agave

Agave victoriae-reginae - Queen Victoria Agave

species Bromus catharticus Vahl - Rescue Brome

Bromus catharticus - Rescue Brome

species Bromus commutatus Schrader - Meadow Brome

Bromus commutatus - Meadow Brome

species Bromus arvensis L. - Field Brome
species Glyceria notata Chevall. - Plicate Sweet-grass

Glyceria notata - Plicate Sweet-grass

species Glyceria maxima (Hartm.) Holmb. - Reed Sweet-grass

Glyceria maxima - Reed Sweet-grass

species Melica uniflora Retz. - Wood Melick

Melica uniflora - Wood Melick

species Melica picta K. Koch

Melica picta

species Melica transsilvanica Schur

Melica transsilvanica

species Briza media L. - Quaking-grass

Briza media - Quaking-grass

species Briza minor L. - Lesser Quaking-grass

Briza minor - Lesser Quaking-grass

species Apera interrupta (L.) P. Beauv. - Dense Silky-bent
species Beckmannia syzigachne (Steud.) Fernald - American Slough-grass
species Cynosurus cristatus L. - Crested Dog's-tail

Cynosurus cristatus - Crested Dog's-tail

species Cynosurus echinatus L. - Rough Dog's-tail

Cynosurus echinatus - Rough Dog's-tail

species Catabrosa aquatica (L.) P. Beauv. - Whorl-grass

Catabrosa aquatica - Whorl-grass

species Beckmannia eruciformis (L.) Host - European Slough-grass

Beckmannia eruciformis - European Slough-grass

species Dactylis polygama Horv. - Slender Cock's-foot

Dactylis polygama - Slender Cock's-foot

species Dactylis glomerata L. - Cock's-foot

Dactylis glomerata - Cock's-foot

species Sclerochloa dura (L.) P. Beauv. - Hard Meadow-grass

Sclerochloa dura - Hard Meadow-grass

species Poa supina Schrad. - Bluegrass

Poa supina - Bluegrass

species Poa trivialis L. - Rough Meadow-grass

Poa trivialis - Rough Meadow-grass

species Puccinellia distans (Jacq.) Parl. - Reflexed Salt-marsh-grass

Puccinellia distans - Reflexed Salt-marsh-grass

species Puccinellia gigantea (Grossh.) Grossh.
species Puccinellia limosa (Schur) Holmb.

Puccinellia limosa

species Poa riphaea (Asch. & Graebn.) Fritsch

Poa riphaea

species Poa pratensis L. - Smooth Meadow-grass

Poa pratensis - Smooth Meadow-grass

species Poa remota Forselles

Poa remota

species Poa palustris L. - Swamp Meadow-grass

Poa palustris - Swamp Meadow-grass

species Poa badensis Haenke ex Willd. - Baden's Bluegrass

Poa badensis - Baden's Bluegrass

species Poa bulbosa L. - Bulbous Meadow-grass

Poa bulbosa - Bulbous Meadow-grass

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