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Euphorbiaceae Juss.

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species Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacq. - Foxtail Copperleaf
species Acalypha amentacea Roxb. - Catch Me If You Can
species Acalypha andina Müll. Arg.
species Acalypha angatensis Blanco
species Acalypha argentii Sagun & G.A.Levin
species Acalypha aristata Kunth - Field Copperleaf
species Acalypha australis L. - Australian Acalypha

Acalypha australis - Australian Acalypha

species Acalypha balgooyi Sagun & G.A.Levin
species Acalypha berteriana Muell.-Arg. - Guayama Copperleaf
species Acalypha bisetosa Bertol. ex Spreng. - Streambank Copperleaf
species Acalypha brachystachya Hornem.
species Acalypha californica Benth. - California Copperleaf
species Acalypha capillipes Mull. Arg. - Small Leaved Acalypha
species Acalypha cardiophylla Merr.
species Acalypha caturus Blume
species Acalypha chamaedryfolia (Lam.) Muell.-Arg. - Bastard Copperleaf
species Acalypha cupricola Robyns ex G.A. Levin
species Acalypha deamii (Weatherby) Ahles - Deam's Threeseed Mercury
species Acalypha dictyoneura Müll.Arg.
species Acalypha dikuluwensis P.A. Duvign. & Dewit
species Acalypha diversifolia Jacq.
species Acalypha ecuadorica Pax & K. Hoffm.
species Acalypha eggersii Pax & K. Hoffm.
species Acalypha eremorum Mull. Arg. - Native Acalypha
species Acalypha floresensis Sagun & G.A.Levin
species Acalypha glabrata Thunb.
species Acalypha gracilens Gray - Slender Threeseed Mercury
species Acalypha grandibracteata Merr.
species Acalypha grandis Benth.
species Acalypha grisebachiana (Kuntze) Pax & K.Hoffm.
species Acalypha guatemalensis Pax. & Hoffm.

Acalypha guatemalensis

species Acalypha guineensis J.K.Morton & G.A.Levin
species Acalypha hellwigii Warb.
species Acalypha hispaniolae Urb.

Acalypha hispaniolae

species Acalypha hispida Burm. f. - Bristly Copperleaf

Acalypha hispida - Bristly Copperleaf

species Acalypha indica L.

Acalypha indica

species Acalypha lanceolata Willd.
species Acalypha lepinei Müll. Arg.
species Acalypha longispica Warb.
species Acalypha lyonsii P.I. Forst.
species Acalypha macrostachya Jacq.
species Acalypha mexicana Muell.-Arg. - Mexican Copperleaf
species Acalypha monococca (Engelm. ex Gray) L. Mill. & Gandhi - Slender Threeseed Mercury
species Acalypha monostachya Cav. - Round Copperleaf
species Acalypha nemorum Mull. Arg. - Southern Acalypha

Acalypha nemorum - Southern Acalypha

species Acalypha neomexicana Muell.-Arg. - New Mexico Copperleaf
species Acalypha neptunica Müller Arg.
species Acalypha nervulosa Airy Shaw
species Acalypha novoguineensis Warb.
species Acalypha ostryifolia Riddell - Pineland Threeseed Mercury
species Acalypha paniculata Miq.
species Acalypha parvula Hook.f.
species Acalypha pendula C.Wright ex Griseb.
species Acalypha phleoides Cav. - Shrubby Copperleaf
species Acalypha phyllonomifolia Airy Shaw
species Acalypha poiretii Spreng. - Poiret's Copperleaf
species Acalypha portoricensis Muell.-Arg. - Puerto Rico Copperleaf
species Acalypha pubiflora Baill.
species Acalypha pulogensis Sagun & G.A.Levin
species Acalypha radians Torr. - Cardinal's Feather
species Acalypha raivavensis F. Br.
species Acalypha rhomboidea Raf. - Common Threeseed Mercury
species Acalypha rubrinervis Cronk
species Acalypha schimpffii Diels
species Acalypha setosa A. Rich. - Cuban Copperleaf
species Acalypha siamensis Oliv. ex Gage
species Acalypha spectabilis Airy Shaw
species Acalypha stenophylla K.Schum.
species Acalypha subintegra Airy Shaw
species Acalypha suirenbiensis Yamamoto
species Acalypha tunguraguae Pax & K. Hoffm.
species Acalypha virginica L. - Virginia Threeseed Mercury
species Acalypha wilderi Merr.
species Acalypha wilkesiana Mull. Arg.

Acalypha wilkesiana

species Acalypha zollingeri Müll.Arg.
species Acidocroton acunae Borhidi & O. Muñiz
species Acidocroton adelioides Griseb.
species Acidocroton ekmanii Urb.
species Acidocroton gentryi Fern. Alonso & R. Jaram.
species Acidocroton horridus Urb. & Ekman
species Acidocroton litoralis Urb. & Ekman
species Acidocroton lobulatus Urb.
species Acidocroton montanus Urb. & Ekman
species Acidocroton verrucosus Urb.
species Actinostemon amazonicus Pax & K. Hoffm.
species Actinostemon brachypodus (Griseb.) Urb.
species Actinostemon caribaeus Griseb.
species Actinostemon concepcionis (Chodat & Hassl.) Hochr.
species Actinostemon concolor (Spreng.) Müll. Arg.
species Actinostemon desertorum (Müll. Arg.) Pax
species Actinostemon echinatus Müll. Arg.
species Actinostemon glaziovii Pax & K. Hoffm.
species Actinostemon imbricatus Müll. Arg.
species Actinostemon klotzschii (Didr.) Pax
species Actinostemon lagoensis (Müll. Arg.) Pax
species Actinostemon lasiocarpus (Müll. Arg.) Baill.
species Actinostemon leptopus (Müll. Arg.) Pax
species Actinostemon macrocarpus Müll. Arg.
species Actinostemon mandiocanus (Müll. Arg.) Pax
species Actinostemon schomburgkii (Klotzsch) Hochr.
species Actinostemon sparsifolius (Müll. Arg.) Pax
species Actinostemon unciformis Jabl.
species Actinostemon verticillatus (Klotzsch) Baill.
species Adelia ricinella L. - Wild Lime
species Adelia vaseyi (Coult.) Pax & K. Hoffmann - Vasey's Wild Lime
species Adenocline acuta (Thunb.) Baill.
species Adenocline pauciflora Turcz.
species Adenocline violifolia (Kunze) Prain
species Adenopeltis serrata (W.T. Aiton) I.M. Johnst.
species Adriana glabrata Gaudich. - Eastern Bitter Bush
species Adriana quadripartita (Labill.) Mull. Arg.
species Adriana tomentosa Gaudich.
species Afrotrewia kamerunica Pax & K. Hoffm.
species Agrostistachys coriacea Alston
species Agrostistachys hookeri (Thwaites) Benth. & Hook. f.
species Alchornea latifolia Sw. - Achiotillo
species Alchorneopsis floribunda (Benth.) Muell.-Arg. - Palo De Gallina
species Alchorneopsis portoricensis Urban - Puerto Rico Palo De Gallina
species Aleurites moluccanus (L.) Willd. - Indian Walnut

Aleurites moluccanus - Indian Walnut

species Aleurites rockinghamensis (Baill.) P.I. Forst. - Candlenut Siris
species Algernonia amazonica (Emmerich) G.L. Webster
species Algernonia bahiensis (Emmerich) G.L. Webster
species Algernonia brasiliensis Baill.
species Algernonia dimitrii (Emmerich) G.L. Webster
species Algernonia gibbosa (Pax & K. Hoffm.) Emmerich
species Algernonia glazioui Emmerich
species Algernonia kuhlmannii (Emmerich) G.L. Webster
species Algernonia leandrii (Baill.) G.L. Webster
species Algernonia obovata (Müll. Arg.) Müll. Arg.
species Algernonia pardina Croizat
species Algernonia paulae Emmerich
species Algernonia riedelii (Müll. Arg.) G.L. Webster
species Alphandia verniciflua Airy Shaw
species Anomostachys lastellei (Müll. Arg.) Kruijt
species Anthostema aubryanum Baill.
species Anthostema senegalense A. Juss.
species Argythamnia adenophora Gray - Glandular Silverbush
species Argythamnia aphoroides Muell.-Arg. - Hill Country Silverbush
species Argythamnia argentea Millsp.
species Argythamnia argyraea Cory - Silky Silverbush
species Argythamnia astroplethos Ingram - Mexican Silverbush
species Argythamnia blodgettii (Torr.) Chapman - Blodgett's Silverbush
species Argythamnia brandegeei Millsp. - Sonoran Silverbush
species Argythamnia californica Brandeg. - California Silverbush
species Argythamnia candicans Sw. - Sharpleaf Silverbush
species Argythamnia claryana Jepson - Desert Silverbush
species Argythamnia cyanophylla (Woot. & Standl.) Ingram - Charleston Mountain Silverbush
species Argythamnia fasciculata (Vahl ex A. Juss.) Muell.-Arg. - Broom Silverbush
species Argythamnia humilis (Engelm. & Gray) Muell.-Arg. - Low Silverbush
species Argythamnia lanceolata (Benth.) Muell.-Arg. - Narrowleaf Silverbush
species Argythamnia mercurialina (Nutt.) Muell.-Arg. - Tall Silverbush
species Argythamnia neomexicana Muell.-Arg. - New Mexico Silverbush
species Argythamnia proctorii J.W.Ingram
species Argythamnia serrata (Torr.) Muell.-Arg. - Yuma Silverbush
species Argythamnia simulans Ingram - Plateau Silverbush
species Argythamnia stahlii Urb. - Bluntleaf Silverbush
species Baloghia inophylla (G. Forst.) P.S. Green - Ivory Birch
species Baloghia marmorata C.T. White - Jointed Baloghia
species Baloghia parviflora C.T. White
species Bernardia dichotoma (Willd.) Muell.-Arg. - Caribbean Myrtlecroton
species Bernardia myricifolia (Scheele) S. Wats. - Mouse's Eye
species Bernardia obovata I.M. Johnston - Desert Myrtlecroton
species Beyeria viscosa (Labill.) Miq.
species Blachia andamanica (Kurz) Hook.f.
species Blachia philippinensis Merr.
species Blumeodendron calophyllum Airy Shaw
species Blumeodendron concolor Gage
species Blumeodendron kurzii (Hook.f.) J.J.Sm. ex Koord. & Valeton
species Blumeodendron tokbrai (Blume) Kurz
species Bonania cubana A. Rich.
species Bonania domingensis (Urb.) Urb.
species Bonania elliptica Urb.
species Bonania emarginata C. Wright ex Griseb.
species Bonania linearifolia Urb. & Ekman
species Bonania myricifolia (Griseb.) Benth. & Hook.f.
species Borneodendron aenigmaticum Airy Shaw
species Brasiliocroton muricatus Riina & Cordeiro
species Calycopeplus casuarinoides L.S. Sm.
species Calycopeplus collinus P.I. Forst.
species Calycopeplus marginatus Benth.
species Calycopeplus oligandrus P.I. Forst.
species Calycopeplus paucifolius (Klotzsch.) Baill.
species Caperonia castaneifolia (L.) St.-Hil. - Chestnutleaf False Croton
species Caperonia palustris (L.) St.-Hil. - Sacatrapo
species Cephalomappa beccariana Baill.
species Cephalomappa lepidotula Airy Shaw
species Cephalomappa malitocarpa J.J. Sm.
species Chamaesyce adenoptera (Bertol.) Small - Southern Florida Sandmat
species Chamaesyce berteriana (Balbis ex Spreng.) Millsp. - Berteron's Sandmat
species Chamaesyce chaetocalyx (Boiss.) Woot. & Standl. - Bristlecup Sandmat
species Chamaesyce deltoidea (Engelm. ex Chapman) Small - Wedge Sandmat
species Chamaesyce dioica (Kunth) Millsp. - Royal Sandmat
species Chamaesyce garberi (Engelm. ex Chapman) Small - Garber's Sandmat
species Chamaesyce geyeri (Engelm. & Gray) Small - Geyer's Sandmat
species Chamaesyce glyptosperma (Engelm.) Small - Ribseed Sandmat
Records 1 to 200 of 1788  
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