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species Dionaea muscipula Soland. ex Ellis - Venus Flytrap

Dionaea muscipula - Venus Flytrap

species Drosera acaulis L.f.
species Drosera affinis Welw. ex Oliv.
species Drosera alba Phill.
species Drosera andersoniana W. Fitzg. ex Ewart. & White
species Drosera androsacea Diels
species Drosera arcturi Hook.
species Drosera arenicola Steyerm.
species Drosera banksii R. Br. ex DC.
species Drosera barbigera Planch.
species Drosera bequaertii Taton
species Drosera biflora Willd. ex Roem. & Schult.
species Drosera brevicornis Lowrie
species Drosera browniana Lowrie & N. Marchant
species Drosera bulbigena Morr.
species Drosera bulbosa Hook.
species Drosera burkeana Planch.
species Drosera broomensis Lowrie
species Drosera caduca Lowrie
species Drosera callistos N. Marchant & Lowrie

Drosera callistos

species Drosera adelae F. Muell. - Lanced-leaved Sundew

Drosera adelae - Lanced-leaved Sundew

species Drosera aliciae R. Hamet - Alice Sundew

Drosera aliciae - Alice Sundew

species Drosera binata Labill. - Forked Sundew

Drosera binata - Forked Sundew

species Drosera brevifolia Pursh - Short-leaved Sundew
species Drosera burmanni Vahl.
species Drosera capensis L. - Cape Sundew

Drosera capensis - Cape Sundew

species Drosera capillaris Poir. - Pink Sundew

Drosera capillaris - Pink Sundew

species Drosera cayennensis Sagot ex Diels
species Drosera cendeensis Tamayo & Croizat
species Drosera chrysolepis Taub.
species Drosera cistiflora L.
species Drosera citrina Lowrie & Carlquist

Drosera citrina

species Drosera closterostigma N. Marchant & Lowrie

Drosera closterostigma

species Drosera collinsiae Brown ex Burtt Davy
species Drosera colombiana Fernandez-Perez
species Drosera communis St. Hil.

Drosera communis

species Drosera cuneifolia L.f.
species Drosera dichrosepala Turcz.

Drosera dichrosepala

species Drosera dielsiana Exell & Laundon
species Drosera eneabba N.G. Marchant & Lowrie
species Drosera enodes N.G. Marchant & Lowrie

Drosera enodes

species Drosera ericksoniae N. Marchant & Lowrie

Drosera ericksoniae

species Drosera erythrorhiza Lindl.

Drosera erythrorhiza

species Drosera falconeri Tsang ex Kondo
species Drosera filiformis Raf. - Thread-leaved Sundew
species Drosera gigantea Lindl.
species Drosera glabripes (Harv. ex Planch.) Stein
species Drosera glanduligera Lehm. - Scarlet Sundew

Drosera glanduligera - Scarlet Sundew

species Drosera hamiltonii C.R.P. Andrews
species Drosera heterophylla Lindl.
species Drosera hilaris Cham. & Schltdl.
species Drosera indica L.
species Drosera linearis Goldie - Linear-leaved Sundew
species Drosera lanata Kondo
species Drosera leucoblasta Benth.

Drosera leucoblasta

species Drosera lowriei N. Marchant
species Drosera macrantha Endl. - Climbing Sundew
species Drosera macrophylla Lindl.
species Drosera mannii Cheek

Drosera mannii

species Drosera marchantii De Buhr
species Drosera menziesii R. Br. ex DC.

Drosera menziesii

species Drosera microscapa Debbert

Drosera microscapa

species Drosera microphylla Endl.
species Drosera miniata Diels

Drosera miniata

species Drosera modesta Diels
species Drosera montana St. Hil. - Mountain Sundew

Drosera montana - Mountain Sundew

species Drosera myriantha Planch.
species Drosera natalensis Diels

Drosera natalensis

species Drosera neesii Lehm.
species Drosera neocaledonica R. Hamet
species Drosera nitidula Planch.

Drosera nitidula

species Drosera occidentalis Morr.

Drosera occidentalis

species Drosera orbiculata N. Marchant & Lowrie
species Drosera ordensis Lowrie
species Drosera paleacea DC.

Drosera paleacea

species Drosera pallida Lindl.

Drosera pallida

species Drosera paradoxa Lowrie

Drosera paradoxa

species Drosera parvula Planch.
species Drosera pauciflora Banks ex DC.
species Drosera peltata Thunb. - Pale Sundew

Drosera peltata - Pale Sundew

species Drosera petiolaris R. Br. ex DC. - Wooly Sundew
species Drosera pilosa Exell & Laundon
species Drosera platypoda Turcz.
species Drosera platystigma Lehm.
species Drosera prolifera C.T. White - Hen and Chicks Sundew

Drosera prolifera - Hen and Chicks Sundew

species Drosera pulchella Lehm. - Pygmy Sundew

Drosera pulchella - Pygmy Sundew

species Drosera pycnoblasta Diels

Drosera pycnoblasta

species Drosera pygmaea DC.
species Drosera ramellosa Lehm.
species Drosera rechingeri Strid
species Drosera regia Stephens - King Sundew

Drosera regia - King Sundew

species Drosera roraimae (Klotzsch ex Diels) Maguire & Laundon
species Drosera roseana N. Marchant & A. Lowrie

Drosera roseana

species Drosera rosulata Lehm.
species Drosera sargentii Lowrie & N.G. Marchant

Drosera sargentii

species Drosera schizandra Diels - Notched Sundew

Drosera schizandra - Notched Sundew

species Drosera scorpioides Planch.

Drosera scorpioides

species Drosera sewelliae Diels

Drosera sewelliae

species Drosera slackii Cheek

Drosera slackii

species Drosera spatulata Labill. - Spoon-leaved Sundew

Drosera spatulata - Spoon-leaved Sundew

species Drosera spilos N. Marchant & Lowrie
species Drosera stenopetala Hook.f.
species Drosera stolonifera Endl.

Drosera stolonifera

species Drosera subhirtella Planch.
species Drosera sulphurea Lehm.
species Drosera villosa St. Hil.

Drosera villosa

species Drosera whittakeri Planch. - Scented Sundew

Drosera whittakeri - Scented Sundew

species Drosera zonaria Planch.
species Drosophyllum lusitanicum (L.) Link - Dewy Pine

Drosophyllum lusitanicum - Dewy Pine

species Nepenthes adnata Tamin & M. Hotta ex Schlauer
species Nepenthes aristolochioides Jebb & Cheek
species Nepenthes argentii Jebb & Cheek
species Nepenthes hamata J.R. Turnbull & A.T. Middleton
species Nepenthes hirsuta Hook.f.

Nepenthes hirsuta

species Nepenthes inermis Danser
species Nepenthes insignis Danser
species Nepenthes bellii Kondô

Nepenthes bellii

species Nepenthes benstonei C. Clarke
species Micranthocereus albicephalus (Buining & Brederoo) F. Ritter
species Nepenthes bongso Korth.

Nepenthes bongso

species Nepenthes burbidgeae Hook.f. ex Burb.

Nepenthes burbidgeae

species Nepenthes campanulata Kurata
species Nepenthes clipeata Danser

Nepenthes clipeata

species Nepenthes dubia Danser
species Nepenthes ephippiata Danser

Nepenthes ephippiata

species Nepenthes eustachya Miq.
species Nepenthes eymae Kurata
species Nepenthes faizaliana J.H. Adam & Wilcock

Nepenthes faizaliana

species Nepenthes fusca Danser

Nepenthes fusca

species Nepenthes glabrata J.R. Turnbull & A.T. Middleton

Nepenthes glabrata

species Nepenthes lavicola Wistuba & Rischer
species Nepenthes longifolia Nerz & Wistuba
species Nepenthes lowii Hook.f.

Nepenthes lowii

species Nepenthes macfarlanei Hemsl.

Nepenthes macfarlanei

species Nepenthes macrovulgaris J.R. Turnbull & A.T. Middleton
species Nepenthes macrophylla (Marabini) Jebb & Cheek

Nepenthes macrophylla

species Nepenthes alata Blanco

Nepenthes alata

species Nepenthes albomarginata T. Lobb ex Lindl.

Nepenthes albomarginata

species Nepenthes ampullaria Jack

Nepenthes ampullaria

species Nepenthes bicalcarata Hook.f.

Nepenthes bicalcarata

species Nepenthes burkei Hort. Veitch ex Mast.

Nepenthes burkei

species Nepenthes gracilis Korth.

Nepenthes gracilis

species Nepenthes gymnamphora Reinw. ex Nees

Nepenthes gymnamphora

species Nepenthes mapuluensis Adam & Wilcock
species Nepenthes mikei Salmon & Maulder

Nepenthes mikei

species Nepenthes mindanaoensis Kurata

Nepenthes mindanaoensis

species Nepenthes muluensis Hotta

Nepenthes muluensis

species Nepenthes murudensis Culham ex M. Jebb & Cheek

Nepenthes murudensis

species Nepenthes ovata Nerz & Wistuba
species Nepenthes pilosa Danser

Nepenthes pilosa

species Nepenthes ramispina Ridl.

Nepenthes ramispina

species Nepenthes rhombicaulis Kurata
species Nepenthes sibuyanensis Nerz

Nepenthes sibuyanensis

species Nepenthes singalana Becc.

Nepenthes singalana

species Nepenthes spathulata Danser
species Nepenthes spectabilis Danser

Nepenthes spectabilis

species Nepenthes stenophylla Mast.

Nepenthes stenophylla

species Nepenthes sumatrana (Miq.) G. Beck
species Nepenthes thorelii Lecomte
species Nepenthes tobaica Danser

Nepenthes tobaica

species Nepenthes xiphioides Salmon & Maulder
species Nepenthes khasiana Hook.f.

Nepenthes khasiana

species Nepenthes maxima Reinw. ex Nees

Nepenthes maxima

species Nepenthes merrilliana Macfarl.
species Nepenthes mirabilis (Lour.) Druce - Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes mirabilis - Pitcher Plant

species Nepenthes northiana Hook.f.
species Nepenthes pervillei Bl.

Nepenthes pervillei

species Nepenthes philippiniensis Macfarl.
species Nepenthes platychila Chi C. Lee

Nepenthes platychila

species Nepenthes rafflesiana Jack ex Hook. f.

Nepenthes rafflesiana

species Nepenthes rajah Hook.f.

Nepenthes rajah

species Nepenthes sanguinea Lindl.

Nepenthes sanguinea

species Nepenthes talangensis Nerz & Wistuba

Nepenthes talangensis

species Nepenthes treubiana Warb.
species Nepenthes truncata Macfarl.

Nepenthes truncata

species Nepenthes veitchii Hook.f.

Nepenthes veitchii

species Nepenthes ventricosa Blanco

Nepenthes ventricosa

species Nepenthes vieillardi Hook.

Nepenthes vieillardi

species Nepenthes villosa Hook.f.

Nepenthes villosa

species Triphyophyllum peltatum (Hutch. & Dalz.) Airy Shaw
species Cerastium litigiosum Lens
species Cerastium lucorum (Schur) Möschl
species Cerastium pumilum Curtis - Dwarf Mouse-ear

Cerastium pumilum - Dwarf Mouse-ear

species Cerastium semidecandrum L. - Little Mouse-ear

Cerastium semidecandrum - Little Mouse-ear

species Cerastium tenoreanum Ser.
species Cerastium tomentosum L. - Snow-in-summer

Cerastium tomentosum - Snow-in-summer

species Lychnis viscaria L. - Sticky Catchfly

Lychnis viscaria - Sticky Catchfly

species Lychnis chalcedonica L. - Maltese-cross

Lychnis chalcedonica - Maltese-cross

species Lychnis coronaria (L.) Desr. - Rose Campion

Lychnis coronaria - Rose Campion

species Lychnis flos-cuculi L. - Ragged-robin

Lychnis flos-cuculi - Ragged-robin

species Lychnis flos-jovis (L.) Desr. - Flower-of-jove

Lychnis flos-jovis - Flower-of-jove

species Agrostemma githago L. - Common Corncockle

Agrostemma githago - Common Corncockle

species Atocion armeria (L.) Raf. - Sweet-william Catchfly

Atocion armeria - Sweet-william Catchfly

species Silene bupleuroides L.

Silene bupleuroides

species Silene cretica L.

Silene cretica

species Silene dichotoma Ehrh. - Forked Catchfly

Silene dichotoma - Forked Catchfly

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