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Scoliidae Latreille, 1802

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species Campsomeriella annulata (Fabricius, 1793)
species Campsomeriella caelebs (Sichel, 1864)
species Campsomeriella dimidiatipennis (Saussure, 1854)
species Campsomeriella kiogaensis Betrem, 1972
species Campsomeriella madonensis (Buysson, 1910)
species Campsomeriella pseudocollaris Betrem, 1972
species Campsomeriella rubromarginata Betrem, 1972
species Campsomeriella thoracica (Fabricius, 1787)

Campsomeriella thoracica

species Campsomeriella torquata Betrem, 1972
species Campsomeris completa (Rohwer, 1927)
species Campsomeris ephippium (Say, 1837)

Campsomeris ephippium

species Campsomeris fulvohirta (Cresson, 1865)
species Campsomeris limos (Burmeister, 1853)
species Campsomeris pilipes (Saussure, 1858)
species Campsomeris plumipes (Drury, 1770)
species Campsomeris quadrimaculata (Fabricus, 1775)
species Campsomeris tolteca (Saussure, 1857)
species Campsomeris trifasciata (Fabricius, 1793)
species Cathimeris accraensis Betrem, 1972
species Cathimeris auraria (de Saussure, 1858)
species Cathimeris betremi Betrem, 1972
species Cathimeris bredoi Betrem, 1972
species Cathimeris capensis (Saussure, 1858)
species Cathimeris clotho (Saussure, 1859)
species Cathimeris deserta (Tullgr., 1904)
species Cathimeris garamantica Betrem, 1971
species Cathimeris hymenaea (Gerstaecker, 1871)
species Cathimeris lachesis (Saussure, 1859)
species Cathimeris masaica (Cameron, 1910)
species Cathimeris pseudocapensis Betrem, 1972
species Cathimeris sjoestedti (Cameron, 1910)
species Charimeris canirocca Betrem, 1972
species Charimeris complicata Betrem, 1972
species Charimeris empeyi Betrem, 1972
species Charimeris jacoti Betrem, 1972
species Charimeris rhodesiella Betrem, 1972
species Charimeris soni Betrem, 1972
species Colpa alcione (Banks, 1917)
species Colpa carbonaria (Klug, 1832)
species Colpa expeditionis Betrem, 1972
species Colpa flamicola (Bradley, 1928)
species Colpa junodi (Betrem, 1972)
species Colpa klugii (Vander Linden, 1827)
species Colpa loveridgei (Betrem, 1972)
species Colpa massadae Osten, 2002
species Colpa mima (Buysson, 1897)
species Colpa moricei (Saunders, 1901)

Colpa moricei

species Colpa nyasensis (Betrem, 1972)
species Colpa octomaculata (Say, 1823)
species Colpa pardalina (Gerstaecker, 1857)
species Colpa pollenifera (Viereck, 1906)
species Colpa punctum (Saussure, 1891)
species Colpa quinquecincta (Fabricius, 1793)

Colpa quinquecincta

species Colpa sexmaculata (Fabricius, 1781)

Colpa sexmaculata

species Colpa stigma (de Saussure, 1859)
species Colpa techowi (Turner, 1910)
species Colpa voiensis (Betrem, 1972)
species Dasyscolia ciliata (Fabricius, 1787)
species Extrameris katangensis (Guiglia, 1957)
species Extrameris mansuefactoides Betrem & Bradley, 1964
species Extrameris mlanjensis Betrem, 1972
species Extrameris neavei Betrem, 1972
species Extrameris sengaensis Betrem, 1972
species Guigliana elliotiana (Saussure, 1891)
species Guigliana hexensis Bertrem, 1971
species Leomeris leonina (Dalman, 1823)
species Megascolia alecto (Smith, 1858)
species Megascolia azurea (Christ, 1791)

Megascolia azurea

species Megascolia bidens (Linnaeus, 1767)

Megascolia bidens

species Megascolia capitata (Fabricius, 1804)
species Megascolia fulvifrons (Saussure, 1854)
species Megascolia maculata (Drury, 1773)

Megascolia maculata

species Megascolia philippinensis (Rohwer, 1921)
species Megascolia procer (Illiger, 1802)

Megascolia procer

species Megascolia rubida (Gribodo, 1893)
species Megascolia scutellaris (Gribodo, 1893)
species Megascolia speciosa (Smith, 1857)
species Megascolia splendida (Saussure, 1858)
species Megascolia velutina (Saussure, 1859)
species Micromeriella atropoides Betrem, 1972
species Micromeriella aureola (Klug, 1832)
species Micromeriella difficilis Betrem, 1972
species Micromeriella dundoensis Betrem, 1972
species Micromeriella hessi Betrem & Bradley, 1964
species Micromeriella hyalina (Klug, 1832)
species Micromeriella hyalinopsis Betrem, 1972
species Micromeriella marginella (Klug, 1810)
species Micromeriella rhodesiae Betrem, 1972
species Microscolia cereberia Bradley, 1959
species Mutilloscolia campanulata Bradley, 1959
species Mutilloscolia campanulella Bradley, 1959
species Proscolia archaica Rasnitsyn, 1977
species Proscolia spectator Day, 1981
species Pyrrhoscolia fax Bradley, 1957
species Pyrrhoscolia nigeriensis Bradley, 1959
species Pyrrhoscolia usambaraensis (Cameron, 1910)
species Radumeris tasmaniensis (Saussure, 1855)
species Scolia abyssinica Saussure, 1858
species Scolia affinis Guérin-Méneville, 1830
species Scolia alaris Saussure, 1858
species Scolia ambidens Saussure, 1892
species Scolia anatoliae Osten, 2004
species Scolia apicalis Guérin-Méneville, 1830
species Scolia apicicornis Guérin-Méneville, 1830
species Scolia asiella Betrem, 1935
species Scolia atra Illiger, 1802
species Scolia bicincta (Fabricius, 1775) - Double-banded Scoliid
species Scolia bicornis Saussure, 1858
species Scolia bifasciata (Swederus, 1787)
species Scolia bipennis Saussure, 1859
species Scolia bissauensis Bradley, 1959
species Scolia boeberi Klug, 1805
species Scolia bohemanni Saussure, 1859
species Scolia caffra Saussure & Sichel, 1864
species Scolia carbonaria (Linneus, 1767)
species Scolia carnifex Coquerel, 1855
species Scolia chryseis Kirby, 1889
species Scolia chrysotricha Burmeister, 1853
species Scolia consors (Saussure, 1863)
species Scolia cypria Saussure, 1854

Scolia cypria

species Scolia delagoensis Gribodo, 1897
species Scolia divalis Bradley, 1946
species Scolia dubia (Say, 1837) - Blue-winged Wasp
species Scolia ebenina Saussure, 1858
species Scolia edwardsi Saussure, 1858
species Scolia erinnys Saussure, 1859
species Scolia erythrocephala Fabricius, 1798
species Scolia erythropyga Burmeister, 1853
species Scolia exilis Saussure, 1859
species Scolia fallax Eversmann, 1849
species Scolia fasciatopennis Smith, 1855
species Scolia feae Guiglia, 1927
species Scolia flaviceps Eversmann, 1846
species Scolia fraterna Smith, 1855
species Scolia fuciformis Scopoli, 1786

Scolia fuciformis

species Scolia fulvofimbriata Burmeister, 1853
species Scolia galbula (Pallas, 1771)
species Scolia guttata (Burmeister, 1853)
species Scolia heterotrichia Cameron, 1910
species Scolia heydenii Saussure, 1891
species Scolia hirta (Schrank, 1781)

Scolia hirta

species Scolia hortorum Fabricius, 1787
species Scolia hottentotta Saussaure, 1858
species Scolia hova Saussure, 1891
species Scolia iridicolor Smith, 1855
species Scolia kirby ana Saussure, 1891
species Scolia madecassa Saussure, 1858
species Scolia megaera Saussure, 1859
species Scolia meridionalis Saussure, 1859
species Scolia mexicana (Saussure, 1858)
species Scolia micromelas Sichel, 1864
species Scolia morio Fabricius, 1781
species Scolia nobilitata (Fabricius, 1805)
species Scolia oliveirii (Radoskovsky, 1881)
species Scolia orientalis Saussure, 1856
species Scolia oryctophaga Coquerel, 1855
species Scolia pallidipilosella Cameron, 1910
species Scolia pommeri Dalla Torre, 1893
species Scolia praecana Saussure, 1892
species Scolia praestabilis Saussure, 1892
species Scolia ruficornis Fabricius, 1793
species Scolia rufipes Smith, 1844
species Scolia saussurei Sichel, 1864
species Scolia semitacta Bradley, 1959
species Scolia senex Smith, 1855
species Scolia sexmaculata (O. F. Müller, 1766)

Scolia sexmaculata

species Scolia smithii Saussure & Sichel, 1864
species Scolia soror Smith, 1855

Scolia soror

species Scolia terminalis Burmeister, 1854
species Scolia tessmanni Turner, 1911
species Scolia tisiphone Saussure, 1859
species Scolia tropica Saussure, 1858
species Scolia wahlbergii Saussure, 1859
species Triscolia ardens (Smith, 1855)
species Triscolia badia (Saussure, 1863)
Records 1 to 177 of 177