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false skin beetles
Biphyllidae LeConte, 1861

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species Althaesia acuminata Arrow, 1929
species Althaesia arrowi Grouvelle, 1914
species Althaesia leai Blackburn
species Althaesia maximus (Lea, 1921)
species Althaesia pilosa Pascoe, 1860
species Althaesia sericea Lea
species Althaesia sericeus (Lea, 1921)
species Anchorius lineatus Casey, 1900
species Anobocoelus arcanus Grouvelle, 1914
species Anobocoelus championi Sharp, 1900
species Anobocoelus lineatus Grouvelle
species Anobocoelus optatus Sharp, 1900
species Anobocoelus plicicollis Grouvelle
species Anobocoelus simplex Grouvelle
species Biphyllus aequalis (Reitter, 1889)
species Biphyllus africanus (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus allaudi Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus amabilis (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus andrewesi Grouvelle
species Biphyllus bolivari Grouvelle, 1905
species Biphyllus brevis (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus canaliculatus Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus cardoni (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus centromaculatus (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus clavatus Arrow, 1929
species Biphyllus complexus Sasaji, 1983
species Biphyllus concolor Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus corpulentus Arrow, 1929
species Biphyllus decoratus (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus distinctus (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus dollmani Arrow, 1929
species Biphyllus egens (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus elegans (Arrow, 1929)
species Biphyllus escalerae Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus euphorbiae (Peyerimhoff, 1923)
species Biphyllus fastidiosus (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus flavonotatus (Lea, 1921)
species Biphyllus flexuosus (Reitter, 1889)
species Biphyllus formosianus (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus frater (Aubé, 1850)
species Biphyllus frequens (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus fulvus (Grouvelle, 1909)
species Biphyllus histrio Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus humeralis (Reitter, 1889)
species Biphyllus inaequalis (Reitter, 1889)
species Biphyllus infans (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus inops (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus insignis (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus japonicus Sasaji, 1983
species Biphyllus jongensis Scott
species Biphyllus kasuganus Nakane, 1988
species Biphyllus kolosovi Nikitsky, 1983
species Biphyllus kuzurius Sasaji, 1984
species Biphyllus lanuginosus (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus latipes (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus lewisi (Reitter, 1889)
species Biphyllus loochooanus Sasaji, 1991
species Biphyllus lunatus (Fabricius, 1792)

Biphyllus lunatus

species Biphyllus maculatus Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus madagascariensis Grouvelle, 1898
species Biphyllus magnus Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus maindroni (Grouvelle, 1903)
species Biphyllus marmoratus (Reitter, 1889)
species Biphyllus marshalli (Grouvelle, 1911)
species Biphyllus medius (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus micros (Grouvelle, 1900)
species Biphyllus minimus Grouvelle, 1905
species Biphyllus minutus (Grouvelle, 1902)
species Biphyllus molestus (Grouvelle, 1913)
species Biphyllus obscuronotatus (Lea, 1922)
species Biphyllus odiosus (Grouvelle, 1913)
species Biphyllus ornatellus (Blackburn, 1903)
species Biphyllus oshimanus Nakane, 1988
species Biphyllus parvulus Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus rosti (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus rufopictus (Wollaston, 1873)
species Biphyllus sarisberiensis (Scott)
species Biphyllus satsumanus Nakane, 1988
species Biphyllus sauteri (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus schenklingi (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus semifuscus (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus sicardi Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus sjostedti (Grouvelle, 1909)
species Biphyllus sordidus Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus strigicollis (Scott)
species Biphyllus subellipticus (Wollaston, 1862)
species Biphyllus substriatus (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus suffusus (Wollaston, 1873)
species Biphyllus tenuis (Grouvelle, 1916)
species Biphyllus throscoides (Wollaston, 1873)
species Biphyllus tolae (Scott)
species Biphyllus turneri Arrow, 1929
species Biphyllus typhaeoides (Wollaston, 1862)
species Biphyllus undulatus Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus uniformis (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Biphyllus ussuriensis Nikitsky, 1983
species Biphyllus variegatus Grouvelle, 1906
species Biphyllus weisei (Grouvelle, 1914)
species Diplocoelus amplicollis Reitter, 1877
species Diplocoelus angustulus Blackburn, 1891
species Diplocoelus apicicollis Lea, 1921
species Diplocoelus atomus Grouvelle, 1916
species Diplocoelus bicolor Sharp, 1900
species Diplocoelus bombycinus Grouvelle, 1903
species Diplocoelus brunneus LeConte, 1863
species Diplocoelus consobrinus Grouvelle, 1905
species Diplocoelus costulatus Chevrolat, 1863
species Diplocoelus decemlineatus Lea, 1922
species Diplocoelus dilataticollis Lea, 1921
species Diplocoelus dubitabilis Grouvelle
species Diplocoelus exiguus Blackburn, 1891
species Diplocoelus fagi Guérin-Ménéville, 1844

Diplocoelus fagi

species Diplocoelus fasciatus MacLeay, 1903
species Diplocoelus fasciolatus Grouvelle
species Diplocoelus foveolatus Reitter
species Diplocoelus hispidus Grouvelle
species Diplocoelus humerosus Reitter, 1886
species Diplocoelus indicus Motschulsky, 1866
species Diplocoelus latus Lea, 1895
species Diplocoelus leai Blackburn, 1903
species Diplocoelus marginatus Grouvelle
species Diplocoelus mauritii Grouvelle, 1908
species Diplocoelus maximus Lea
species Diplocoelus opacior Blackburn, 1903
species Diplocoelus ovatus MacLeay, 1903
species Diplocoelus parnoides Grouvelle, 1903
species Diplocoelus parvus Sharp, 1900
species Diplocoelus piliger Reitter, 1880
species Diplocoelus pilinotatus Lea, 1922
species Diplocoelus platysomus Lea, 1922
species Diplocoelus probiphyllus Vitali, 2010

Diplocoelus probiphyllus

species Diplocoelus punctatus Lea, 1895
species Diplocoelus rudis (LeConte, 1863)
species Diplocoelus sericens Lea, 1921
species Diplocoelus similis Grouvelle, 1898
species Diplocoelus simoni Grouvelle
species Diplocoelus talyshensis Nikitsky, 1993
species Diplocoelus tessellatus Reitter
species Diplocoelus turbinatus Grouvelle, 1905
species Diplocoelus villosus Grouvelle, 1905
species Euderopus brevipes Sharp, 1901
species Euderopus chmetophorus Sharp, 1900
species Euderopus iteratus Sharp, 1900
species Euderopus meridionalis Grouvelle
species Euderopus microps Sharp, 1900
species Euderopus perbrevis Sharp, 1900
species Euderopus regularis Sharp, 1900
species Euderopus setosus Sharp, 1900
species Euderopus unicolor Sharp, 1900
species Eurhanius humeralis Reitter, 1877
species Gonicoelus affinis Grouvelle, 1902
species Gonicoelus angustus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus arduus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus armatus Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus bimargo Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus boliviensis Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus brevicollis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus cavifrons Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus celatus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus championi Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus chontalenus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus concolor Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus convexicollis Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus crispatus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus cultratus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus deplanatus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus difficilis Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus fryi Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus germanus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus guatemalenus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus hirtus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus humilis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus hystrix Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus interstitialis Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus laticollis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus latus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus longicornis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus mediocris Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus mexicanus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus minax Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus mollis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus monticola Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus muticus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus oopsis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus parnoides Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus planus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus pulvinatus Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus relictus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus rudis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus rufiventris Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus securiger Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus segnis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus sellatus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus serricollis Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus sharpi Grouvelle
species Gonicoelus spheniscus Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus subtilis Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus throscoides Sharp, 1900
species Gonicoelus tricornis Sharp, 1900
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