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Ectobius pallidus (Olivier, 1789)

 Scientific names
Ectobius pallidus (Olivier, 1789)
- valid name [1]
Blatta livens (Turton, 1806)
Blatta pallidus Olivier, 1789
Blatta succinea (Risso, 1826)
Ectobius (Ectobius) pallidus (Olivier, 1789)
Ectobius lividus (Fabricius, 1793)
NL Dutch
Bleke kakkerlak

Links and literature

[1] EN Fauna Europaea 2.4 [402242]

de Jong, Y.S.D.M. (ed.): Fauna Europaea [] [as Ectobius pallidus (Olivier, 1789)]
Data retrieved on: 9 March 2012

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