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Marco Polo Argali
Ovis ammon polii Blyth, 1841

 Scientific names
Ovis ammon polii Blyth, 1841
- valid name [1]
- valid name (as Ovis ammon polii (Blyth, 1841)) [2]
CZ Czech
argali Marco Polův
- primary name for Ovis ammon polii (Blyth, 1841) [2]
ovce pamirská
- additional name for Ovis ammon polii (Blyth, 1841) [2]
EN English
Marco Polo Argali
EO Esperanto
argalo ovio pamira
DE German

Links and literature

[1] EN Wilson D. E., Reeder D. M. (editors) (2005): Mammal Species of the World (MSW). A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd ed) [] [as Ovis ammon polii Blyth, 1841]
Data retrieved on: 5 December 2008
[2] CZ Anděra M. (1999): České názvy živočichů II. Savci (Mammalia), Národní muzeum, (zoologické odd.), Praha, 147 pp. [as Ovis ammon polii (Blyth, 1841)]

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