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Thai Gaur
Bos gaurus laosiensis (Heude, 1901)

 Scientific names
Bos gaurus laosiensis Heude, 1901

Author: Tomáš Najer

Groves a Grubb (1983) řadí oba poddruhy B. g. hubbacki a B. g. readei do jednoho poddruhu B. g. laosiensis
- data source [1]

Links and literature

[1] Duckworth, J.W., Steinmetz, R., Timmins, R.J., Pattanavibool, A., Than Zaw, Do Tuoc & Hedges, S. 2008. Bos gaurus. In: IUCN 2012. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2012.2. <>. Downloaded on 02 December 2012. The citation for this work is: Don E. Wilson & DeeAnn M. Reeder (editors). 2005. Mammal Species of the World. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd ed), Johns Hopkins University Press, 2,142 pp. (Available from Johns Hopkins University Press, 1-800-537-5487 or (410) 516-6900, or at

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