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Giant Pangolin
Manis gigantea Illiger, 1815

 Scientific names
Manis gigantea Illiger, 1815
- valid name [1] [2]
Phataginus gigantea
Smutsia africana
Smutsia gigantea (Illiger, 1815)
- valid name [3]
CZ Czech
luskoun velký
- primary name for Manis gigantea Illiger, 1815 [2]
luskoun obrovský
- additional name for Manis gigantea Illiger, 1815 [2]
NL Dutch
EN English
Giant Pangolin
Giant Ground Pangolin
EO Esperanto
maniso giganta
FR French
Pangolin Géant
DE German
PL Polish
pangolin olbrzymi
RU Russian
Гигантский ящер
SK Slovak
šupinavec obrovský
SP Spanish
Pangolín gigante

Links and literature

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Data retrieved on: 5 December 2008
[2] CZ Anděra M. (1999): České názvy živočichů II. Savci (Mammalia), Národní muzeum, (zoologické odd.), Praha, 147 pp. [as Manis gigantea Illiger, 1815]
[3] EN IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2013.2 [12762]

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species [] [as Smutsia gigantea (Illiger, 1815)]
Data retrieved on: 27 January 2014

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