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Prison Goby
Caffrogobius gilchristi (Boulenger, 1898)

 Scientific names
Caffrogobius gilchristi (Boulenger, 1898)
- valid name [1]
Acentrogobius multifasciatus Smith, 1959
Caffrogobius multifasciatus (Smith, 1959)
Coryphopterus multifasciatus (Smith, 1959)
Gobius gilchristi Boulenger, 1898
Gobius multifasciatus (Smith, 1959)
EN English
Prison Goby

Links and literature

[1] CZ AQUATAB. World Wide Web electronic publication [species/4633]

Plíštil J. (Ed.) (2009): AQUATAB. World Wide Web electronic publication [] [as Caffrogobius gilchristi (Boulenger, 1898)]
Data retrieved on: 17 January 2010

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