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Horsfield's Thrush
Zoothera horsfieldi (Bonaparte, 1857)

 Scientific names
Zoothera horsfieldi (Bonaparte, 1857)
- valid name [1]
Zoothera dauma horsfieldi (Bonaparte, 1857)
- valid name [2] [3]
CZ Czech
drozd sundský
- primary name for Zoothera horsfieldi (Bonaparte, 1857) [1]
EN English
Horsfield's Thrush
EO Esperanto
zotero horsfilda

Links and literature

[1] CZ Hudec K. et al. (2003): Soustava a české názvosloví ptáků světa, Muzeum Komenského v Přerově. 462 pp. [as Zoothera horsfieldi (Bonaparte, 1857)]
[2] EN Clements, J. F.: eBird/Clements checklist of birds of the world 6.7, Cornell Lab of Ornithology [as Zoothera dauma horsfieldi]
Data retrieved on: 16 April 2013
[3] EN Gill F. & Donsker D.: IOC World Bird List 7.3 [] [as Zoothera dauma horsfieldi (Bonaparte, 1857)]
Data retrieved on: 16 November 2017

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