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American Custard Apple
Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal

 Scientific names
Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal
- valid name [2]
Annona pendula Salisb.
Annona triloba L.
Asimina campaniflora Spach
Asimina conoidea Spach
Asimina glabra K.Koch
Asimina virginiana Poit. & Turpin
Orchidocarpum arietinum Michx.
Porcelia triloba (L.) Pers.
Uvaria conoidea Lem.
Uvaria triloba (L.) Torr. & A. Gray
CZ Czech
muďoul trojlaločný
papau #
EN English
American Custard Apple
Common Pawpaw
Indiana Banana
EO Esperanto
azimeno triloba
PL Polish
asymina trójklapowa
- data source [11]

Links and literature

[2] EN C. Ulloa et al. (2017): An integrated assessment of the vascular plant species of the Americas, Science. 358. 1614-1617 [as Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal]
Data retrieved on: 19 September 2019

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