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Phillips’ Whip Snake
Psammophis phillipsii (Hallowell, 1844)

 Scientific names
Psammophis phillipsii (Hallowell, 1844)
- valid name [2]
Psammophis phillipsi (Hallowell, 1844)
- valid name [3]
EN English
Phillips’ Whip Snake
- data source [4]
DE German
- data source [4]

Links and literature

[2] EN Reptile Database - Search [genus=Psammophis&species=phillipsii]

Reptile Database - Search [] [as Psammophis phillipsii (HALLOWELL, 1844)]
Data retrieved on: 21 August 2018
[3] EN Reptile Database - Search [genus=Psammophis&species=phillipsi]

Reptile Database - Search [] [as Psammophis phillipsi (HALLOWELL, 1844)]
Data retrieved on: 20 December 2013
[4] Trape, Jean-François, Pierre-André Crochet, Donald G. Broadley, Patricia Sourouille, Youssouph Mané, Marius Burger, Wolfgang Böhme, Mostafa Saleh, Anna Karan, Benedetto Lanza & Oleg Mediannikov (2019) On the Psammophis sibilans group (Serpentes, Lamprophiidae, Psammophiinae) north of 12°S, with the description of a new species from West Africa. Bonn zoological Bulletin 68 (1): 61–91

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