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Oval Driftfish
Schedophilus ovalis (Cuvier, 1833)

 Scientific names
Schedophilus ovalis (Cuvier, 1833)
- valid name [1]
Centrolophus corcyrensis Kolombatovic, 1902
Centrolophus crassus Cuvier, 1833
Centrolophus ovalis Cuvier, 1833
Centrolophus porosissimus Canestrini, 1865
Centrolophus rotundicauda Costa, 1866
Crius berthelotii Valenciennes, 1839
Eucrotus ventralis Bean, 1912
Leirus bennettii Lowe, 1834
Mupus imperialis Cocco, 1840
Mupus ovalis (Cuvier, 1833)
Schedophilus botteri Steindachner, 1868
HR Croatian
pastir batoglavac
CZ Czech
medúzovec císařský
- data source [14]
EN English
Oval Driftfish

Links and literature

[1] CZ AQUATAB. World Wide Web electronic publication [species/24777]

Plíštil J. (Ed.) (2009): AQUATAB. World Wide Web electronic publication [] [as Schedophilus ovalis (Cuvier, 1833)]
Data retrieved on: 17 January 2010

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