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Bleached Brittlegill
Russula exalbicans (Pers.) Melzer & Zvára

 Scientific names
Russula exalbicans (Pers.) Melzer & Zvára 1927
- valid name (as Russula exalbicans (Krapf) Melzer) [1]
Agaricus exalbicans (Pers.) J. Otto 1816
Agaricus rosaceus var. exalbicans Pers. 1801
Agaricus rosaceus ß exalbicans Pers. 1801
Russula depallens (Pers.) Fr.
- valid name [3]
- valid name (as Russula depallens Fr.) [4]
Russula exalbicans f. decolorata Singer 1938
Russula nauseosa var. pulchella (I.G. Borshch.) Killerm.
Russula pulchella I.G. Borshch.
Russula pulchella f. decolorata (Singer) Vassilkov 1970
CZ Czech
holubinka parková
- primary name for Russula depallens (Pers.) Fr. [3]
EN English
Bleached Brittlegill
SK Slovak
plávka parková

Links and literature

[3] CZ Holec J., Bielich A., Beran M. (2012): Přehled hub střední Evropy, Academia Praha, 624pp [as Russula depallens (Pers.) Fr.]
Data retrieved on: 11 May 2013

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