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Manyleaf Navel Lichen
Umbilicaria polyphylla (L.) Baumg.

 Scientific names
Umbilicaria polyphylla (L.) Baumg.
- valid name [1] [2]
Gyrophora glabra (Ach.) Ach.
Gyrophora glabra var. polyphylla (L.) Gray
Gyrophora polyphylla (L.) Fink
Gyrophora polyphylla f. glabra (Ach.) Th. Fr.
Gyrophora polyphylla f. lacera (Leight.) Hepp
Gyrophora polyphylla var. congregata Turner & Borrer
Gyrophora polyphylla var. sulcata Turner & Borrer
Lichen anthracinus Wulfen
Umbilicaria anthracina (Wulfen) Hoffm.
Umbilicaria glabra Ach. 1794
Umbilicaria polyphylla f. congregata (Turner & Borrer) Leight. 1871
Umbilicaria polyphylla f. glabra (Ach.) Stizenb.
Umbilicaria polyphylla f. lacera (Leight.) Leight.
Umbilicaria polyphylla f. monophylla (Leight.) Leight.
Umbilicaria polyphylla f. sulcata (Turner & Borrer) Leight.
Umbilicaria polyphylla var. lacera (Leight.) Cromb.
Umbilicaria varia f. congregata (Turner & Borrer) Leight.
Umbilicaria varia f. lacera Leight.
Umbilicaria varia f. monophylla Leight.
Umbilicaria varia f. sulcata (Turner & Borrer) Leight.
Umbilicaria varia var. polyphylla (L.) Leight.
CZ Czech
pupkovka mnoholistá
EN English
Manyleaf Navel Lichen
PL Polish
kruszownica wielolistkowa

Links and literature

[1] EN Liška J., Palice Z. & Slavíková Š. (2008): Checklist and Red List of lichens of the Czech Republic, Preslia 80(2): 151–182, 2008. [as Umbilicaria polyphylla (L.) Baumg.]

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