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Cup Lichen
Cladonia coccifera (L.) Willd.

 Scientific names
Cladonia coccifera (L.) Willd.
- valid name [1] [2] [3]
Cladonia blakei Robbins
Cladonia coccifera f. asotea (Ach.) Vain.
Cladonia pseudodigitata Gyelnik
Lichen cocciferus L.
CZ Czech
dutohlávka červcová
NL Dutch
Rood bekermos
EN English
Cup Lichen
PL Polish
chrobotek koralkowy

Links and literature

[1] Flakus, A., Ahti, T., Kukwa, M. & Wilk, K. 2008: New and interesting records of Cladonia and their lichenicolous fungi from the Andean cloud forest in Bolivia. — Ann. Bot. Fennici 45: 448–454. [as Cladonia coccifera]
[2] EN Liška J., Palice Z. & Slavíková Š. (2008): Checklist and Red List of lichens of the Czech Republic, Preslia 80(2): 151–182, 2008. [as Cladonia coccifera (L.) Willd.]

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