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Normalograptus persculptus (Elles & Wood, 1907)

 Scientific names
Normalograptus persculptus (Elles & Wood, 1907)
- valid name (as Normalograptus persculptus (Elles and Wood, 1907)) [1]
Diplograptus (Glyptograptus) persculptus Elles & Wood, 1907 o
Diplograptus persculptus Elles & Wood, 1907
Glyptograptus bohemicus Marek, 1955
- valid name (as Glyptograptus bohemicus Marek) [2]
- synonym for Normalograptus persculptus (Elles and Wood, 1907) [1]
Diplograptus persculptus Salter, 1865 (nomen nudum) n

Links and literature

[1] EN Štorch P., Loydell D. K. (1996): The Hirnantian Graptolites Normalograptus persculptus and Glyptograptus bohemicus: Stratigraphical consequences of their synonymy, Paleontology, vol. 39, part 4, 869-881 [as Normalograptus persculptus (Elles and Wood, 1907)]
[2] EN Havlíček V., Vaněk J. (1966): The Biostratigraphy of the Ordovician of Bohemia, Sborník geologických věd, Paleontologie, 8 [as Glyptograptus bohemicus Marek]

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extinct taxon

o original combination

n invalid name - nomen nudum