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Cicercha Purpurina
Lathyrus clymenum L.

Directory: Fabaceae
Lathyrus clymenum - Cicercha Purpurina

Lathyrus clymenum L. - Cicercha Purpurina

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Author: Leif & Anita Stridvall  [Other photographs by this author]

Determination author: Leif & Anita Stridvall [Determination history and verification]

red pink

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Greece, Crete, near Sfinari

20 April 1995

Source of image

Stridvall L. & A.: Plant Galleries []

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Lathyrus clymenum - Cicercha Purpurina

Lathyrus clymenum - Cicercha Purpurina

Author: Leif & Anita Stridvall

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