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Spotted Longicorn
Chlorophorus glabromaculatus (Goeze, 1777)

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Francesco Vitali   [2008-12-13 13:31:55] Message was resolved

Sama's point of view is not accepted since Paulian proved the identity of both forms through raising experiments (Paulian, 1994).

In a following paper, Sama (2000) discovered the grey form in Sardinian populations too (besides the already known ones in Morocco, Spain, Var and Corsica).
In such paper Sama based his considerations only on the well-known chromatic characters, but completely ignoring Paulian's paper.

Moreover, the provided characters are on purpose erroneous or missing (e.g. both forms can have humeral points or 3-4 discal points. I can send you a photocopy with the translation, if you send me a private email).

Actually, by consulting Villiers' book (1978), you can see that this species has several forms with all intermediates. Therefore, the grey form is simply a variety, such as Chlorophorus varius v. incarnus.

Best regards,
Francesco Vitali
H.Baeuerle (hansjoergbaeuerle(at)  [2008-12-13 10:38:03] Message was replied
in this page ''Ch.glabromaculatus'' is considered as var. of ''Ch.pilosus'', referring to Paulian,1994. Otherwhere Ch.glabromaculatus is considered as own species, referring on Sama, G. 1999b (in #94 in zin) or Sama.G 2000 (Brustel H., Berger P. & Cocquempot C. 2002 Catalogue des Vesperidae et des Cerambycidae de la faune de France (Coleoptera) - Annales de la Societé entomologique de France (N. S.) 38 (4): 443-461 PDF ). So, Sama is later than Paulian. Is the point of view of Sama not generally accepted, or this page is out of date?
I am very interested, because I want to write it in Wikipedia.
Thanks for hints
H. Baeuerle
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