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Anadara natalensis C. F. Krauss, 1848

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Merlijn van Veen   [2020-01-14 21:20:08]
I bought this specimen, it's in my collection now.
I analysed it by comparing it to a number of Anadara natalensis and to lots of Anadara kagoshimensis.
Even though the left valve lacks the typical nodulose sculpture of kagoshimensis, fact is that not every specimen of kagoshimensis develops these nodules in a juvenile stage.
But the overall shape and the rib configuration is similar to kagoshimensis.
Anadara natalensis has got ribs that have an angular cross section, and the ribs are sharply divided by interstices that have the same width as the ribs themselves. The ribs are quite uniform, whereas the ribs in kagoshimensis have different sculpture: some are angular, others more rounded and posteriorly they can become quite flat. Though not an easy case, I renamed this one kagoshimensis.
I am curious about the arguments that favour natalensis.
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