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Trochidae Rafinesque, 1815

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Jan Delsing   [2009-08-03 02:53:11] Message was resolved
According to the most recent view on classification (Bouchet & Rocroi 2005: Classification and Nomenclator of Gastropod Families) the classification (tree) of Trochidae should be revised on the level of subfamilies.
According Bouchet and Rocroi as Subfamily within Trochidae only stay: Trochinae, Halistylinae, Lirulariinae, Margaritinae, Stomatellinae and Umboniinae. The other subfamilies of Trochidae should be removed. Some of them are tribe within one of these 6.
Trochinae has 3 tribe: Trochini, Cantharidini and Monodontini. Margaritinae has also 3 tribe: Margaritini, Gazini and Kaiparathinini. Umboniinae are divided in 4 tribe: Umboniini, Bankiviini, Isandini and Talopiini.In order to adjust the genera see other comments.
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