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Theridiidae Sundevall, 1833

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Arachnida - arachnids »  order Araneae - spiders »  superfamily Araneoidea

Other names

= comb-footed web spiders
= gum-footed web spiders


Functions restricted to taxon Theridiidae

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Included taxa

Number of records: 62

subfamily Argyrodinae
subfamily Hadrotarsinae
subfamily Latrodectinae Petrunkevitch, 1928
subfamily Pholcommatinae Simon, 1894
subfamily Sphintharinae
subfamily Theridiinae

Unplaced taxa

genus Achaeridion Wunderlich, 2008 inc.sed.
genus Allothymoites Ono, 2007 inc.sed.
genus Anatolidion Wunderlich, 2008 inc.sed.
genus Anelosimus Simon, 1891 inc.sed.
genus Argyrodella Saaristo, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Bardala Saaristo, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Borneoridion Deeleman & Wunderlich, 2011 inc.sed.
genus Brunepisinus Yoshida & Koh, 2011 inc.sed.
genus Cameronidion Wunderlich, 2011 inc.sed.
genus Campanicola Yoshida, 2015 inc.sed.
genus Canalidion Wunderlich, 2008 inc.sed.
genus Chikunia Yoshida, 2009 inc.sed.
genus Chorizopella Lawrence, 1947 inc.sed.
genus Coscinida Simon, 1895 inc.sed.
genus Cryptachaea Archer, 1946 inc.sed.
genus Grancanaridion Wunderlich, 2011 inc.sed.
genus Hentziectypus Archer, 1946 inc.sed.
genus Heterotheridion Wunderlich, 2008 inc.sed.
genus Hetschkia Keyserling, 1886 inc.sed.
genus Icona Forster, 1955 inc.sed.
genus Janula Strand, 1932 inc.sed.
genus Keijiella Yoshida, 2016 inc.sed.
genus Kochiura Archer, 1950 inc.sed.
genus Landoppo Barrion & Litsinger, 1995 inc.sed.
genus Magnopholcomma Wunderlich, 2008 inc.sed.
genus Meotipa Simon, 1894 inc.sed.
genus Montanidion Wunderlich, 2011 inc.sed.
genus Nanume Saaristo, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Neopisinus Marques, Buckup & Rodrigues, 2011 inc.sed.
genus Nesopholcomma Ono, 2010 inc.sed.
genus Nihonhimea Yoshida, 2016 inc.sed.
genus Nojimaia Yoshida, 2009 inc.sed.
genus Ohlertidion Wunderlich, 2008 inc.sed.
genus Okumaella Yoshida, 2009 inc.sed.
genus Paidiscura Archer, 1950 inc.sed.
genus Phylloneta Archer, 1950 inc.sed.
genus Pycnoepisinus Wunderlich, 2008 inc.sed.
genus Ruborridion Wunderlich, 2011 inc.sed.
genus Sesato Saaristo, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Seycellesa Koçak & Kemal, 2008 inc.sed.
genus Spinembolia Saaristo, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Stoda Saaristo, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Tamanidion Wunderlich, 2011 inc.sed.
genus Tomoxena Simon, 1895 inc.sed.
genus Yunohamella Yoshida, 2007 inc.sed.
genus Zercidium Benoit, 1977 inc.sed.

Fossil taxa

genus Astodipoena Petrunkevitch, 1958 inc.sed.
genus Clya Koch & Berendt, 1854 inc.sed.
genus Cretaraneus Selden, 1990 inc.sed.
genus Eodipoena Petrunkevitch, 1942 inc.sed.
genus Eoysmena Petrunkevitch, 1942 inc.sed.
genus Flegia Koch & Berendt, 1854 inc.sed.
genus Mictodipoena Petrunkevitch, 1958 inc.sed.
genus Municeps Petrunkevitch, 1942 inc.sed.
genus Nactodipoena Petrunkevitch, 1942 inc.sed.

Nomina dubia dub.

genus Melos O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1899 inc.sed. dub.

Links and literature

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon

extinct taxon

dub. nomen dubium - name of unknown or doubtful application