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Piciformes Meyer & Wolf, 1810

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Aves - birds »  superorder Neognathae

Scientific synonyms



Dendrocopos major - Great Spotted Woodpecker

Dendrocopos major - Great Spotted Woodpecker, male

Author: Ivan Mikšík

Ramphastos sulfuratus - Keel-billed Toucan

Ramphastos sulfuratus - Keel-billed Toucan

Author: Vladimír Motyčka

Trachyphonus darnaudii - D'Arnaud's Barbet

Trachyphonus darnaudii - D'Arnaud's Barbet

Author: Vladimír Motyčka

Functions restricted to taxon Piciformes


Included taxa

Number of records: 13

family Indicatoridae Swainson, 1837 - honeyguides
family Ramphastidae Vigors, 1825 - toucans
family Capitonidae Bonaparte, 1838 - American barbets
family Picidae Leach, 1820 - woodpeckers, piculets and wrynecks
family Lybiidae Sibley & Ahlquist, 1985 - African barbets
family Megalaimidae Blyth, 1852 - Asian barbets
family Miopiconidae Mayr, 1998
family Picavidae Mayr & Gregorová, 2012
family Semnornithidae Prum, 1988 - prong-billed barbets

Piciformes incertae sedis

family Gracilitarsidae Mayr, 2001
family Zygodactylidae Brodkorb, 1971
genus Neanis Shufeldt, 1913
genus Rupelramphastoides Mayr, 2005

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CZ Hudec K. et al. (2003): Soustava a české názvosloví ptáků světa, Muzeum Komenského v Přerově. 462 pp. [as Piciformes]

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