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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Hymenoptera - bees, ants and wasps »  family Formicidae - ants

Included taxa

Number of records: 38

tribus Attini
tribus Cephalotini
tribus Dacetonini
tribus Myrmicariini
tribus Myrmicini
tribus Pheidolini
tribus Pogonomyrmecini Ward, Brady, Fisher & Schultz, 2014
tribus Stenammini Ashmead, 1905

Fossil taxa

genus Afromyrma Dlussky, Brothers & Rasnitsyn, 2004 inc.sed.
genus Agastomyrma Dlussky, Rasnitsyn & Perfilieva, 2015 inc.sed.
genus Archimyrmex Cockerell, 1923 inc.sed.
genus Attopsis Heer, 1849 inc.sed.
genus Cephalomyrmex Carpenter, 1930 inc.sed.
genus Clavipetiola Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Electromyrmex Wheeler, 1910 inc.sed.
genus Eocenidris Wilson, 1985 inc.sed.
genus Eoformica Cockerell, 1921 inc.sed.
genus Eomyrmex Hong, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Fallomyrma Dlussky & Radchenko, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Fushunomyrmex Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Ilemomyrmex Wilson, 1985 inc.sed.
genus Macabeemyrma Archibald, Cover & Moreau, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Miosolenopsis J. Zhang, 1989 inc.sed.
genus Myrmecites Dlussky & Rasnitsyn, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Orbigastrula Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Quadrulicapito Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Quineangulicapito Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Sinomyrmex Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Solenopsites Dlussky & Rasnitsyn, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Sphaerogasterites Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Thanacomyrmex Cheny, Wang & Perrichot, 2019 inc.sed.
genus Wumyrmex Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Zhangidris Bolton, 2003 inc.sed.

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extinct taxon

inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon