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Chrysina Kirby, 1828

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Coleoptera - beetles »  family Scarabaeidae - scarabs »  subtribus Rutelina

Scientific synonyms

Pelidnotopsis Ohaus, 1915
Plusiotina Casey, 1915
Plusiotis Burmeister, 1844

Type taxon:Chrysina peruviana Kirby, 1828

Included taxa

Number of records: 45

species group adelaida
species group auripes
species group aurora
species group badeni
species group batesi
species group boucardi
species group chrysargyrea
species group flohri
species group guatemalensis
species group macropus
species group magnistriata
species group marginata
species group optima
species group orizabae
species group peruviana
species group psittacina
species group quiche
species group resplendens
species group rodriguezi
species group victorina

Unplaced taxa

species Chrysina alexae Monzón, 2017
species Chrysina aurilisternum Pérez-Flores, Villagomez & Galindo, 2016
species Chrysina benesi Pokorný & Curoe, 2012
species Chrysina chimalapensis Mora-Aguilar, Curoe, Delgado & Ramírez-Ponce, 2018
species Chrysina clavellina Monzón, Blackaller & Hawks, 2020
species Chrysina ericsmithi (Monzón & Cano, 1999)
species Chrysina falcifera Hawks, 2017
species Chrysina gaellae Ebrard & Soula, 2010
species Chrysina galbina Hawks, 2017
species Chrysina gorda Delgado, 2003
species Chrysina juxtaprasina Hawks, 2017
species Chrysina kalinini Zubov & Ivshin, 2019
species Chrysina maishei Monzón, 2017
species Chrysina miguelangeli Nogueira & Curoe, 2012
species Chrysina ohausi (Franz, 1928)
species Chrysina oreicola (Morón, 1992)
species Chrysina paulseni Hawks, 2017
species Chrysina porioni Monzón & Hawks, 2020
species Chrysina pricei Hawks, 2020
species Chrysina robackeri Hawks, 2020
species Chrysina sagacita Hawks, 2017
species Chrysina transvolcanica (Morón & Nogueira, 2016)
species Chrysina valentini Zubov & Ivshin, 2019
species Chrysina veraguana (Ohaus, 1922)
species Chrysina woodruffi Monzón, 2017

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