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sensitive plant
Mimosa L.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants »  class Rosopsida - eudicots »  order Fabales »  family Fabaceae - Legumes »  subfamily Mimosoideae

Included taxa

Number of records: 30

species Mimosa aculeaticarpa Ortega - Catclaw Mimosa
species Mimosa albida Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.

Mimosa albida - 0000000001 1

species Mimosa arenosa (Willd.) Poir. - Elegant Mimosa
species Mimosa asperata L. - Puerto Rico Sensitive-briar
species Mimosa borealis A.Gray - Fragrant Mimosa
species Mimosa casta L. - Graceful Mimosa
species Mimosa ceratonia L. - Black Ambret
species Mimosa delicatula Baill.
species Mimosa diplotricha C. Wright - Giant False Sensitive Plant
species Mimosa distachya Cav. - Mexican Mimosa
species Mimosa dysocarpa Benth. - Velvetpod Mimosa
species Mimosa emoryana Benth. - Emory's Mimosa
species Mimosa grahamii A.Gray - Graham's Mimosa
species Mimosa hystricina (Small ex Britt. & Rose) B.L. Turner - Porcupine Mimosa
species Mimosa invisa Mart. ex Colla - Creeping Sensitive Plant
species Mimosa latidens (Small) B.L. Turner - Kairn's Sensitive-briar
species Mimosa malacophylla A.Gray - Softleaf Mimosa
species Mimosa microphylla Dry. - Littleleaf Sensitive-briar
species Mimosa nuttallii (DC.) B.L. Turner - Nuttall's Sensitive-briar
species Mimosa pellita Kunth ex Willd. - Lollipop Mimosa
species Mimosa pigra L. - Giant Sensitive Tree

Mimosa pigra - 000000000101000

species Mimosa pudica L. - Sensitive Plant

Mimosa pudica - 0000000001 1

species Mimosa quadrivalvis L. - Fourvalve Mimosa
species Mimosa roemeriana Scheele - Roemer's Mimosa
species Mimosa rupertiana B.L. Turner - Eastern Sensitive Plant
species Mimosa schomburgkii Benth. - Schomburgk's Mimosa
species Mimosa spegazzinii Pirotta ex Hook. f.,

Mimosa spegazzinii - 0000000000 1

species Mimosa strigillosa Torr. & A.Gray - Powderpuff
species Mimosa texana (Gray) Small - Texas Mimosa
species Mimosa turneri Barneby - Desert Mimosa

Links and literature

EN C. Ulloa et al. (2017): An integrated assessment of the vascular plant species of the Americas, Science. 358. 1614-1617 [as Mimosa L.]
Data retrieved on: 19 September 2019

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