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Comitas Finlay, 1926

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Gastropoda - gastropods »  order Caenogastropoda »  family Pseudomelatomidae

Shell moderately large to very large, up to 95 mm., elongate-fusiform, with a tall spire
and moderately long straight to slightly flexed, unnotched anterior canal. Protoconch papillate, of two smooth whorls, carinate or subcarinate over the last whorl. Adult sculpture of long fold-like axials, crossed by dense spiral lirae. Suture submargined by a very weak fold at most. Sinus moderately deep, rather broadly
U-shaped, on the shoulder slope, but nearer to the periphery than to the suture. Operculum with a terminal nucleus. Radula of "wishbone"-type, paired marginals but with the distal limb detached, as in Turricula. The animals of two deep water species have been examined, in one, Comitas onokeana vivens, a New Zealand species from 260 fathoms, it is blind, but a new species from a similar depth, off the Aru Islands, has well developed eyes, stepped midway on the outer edge of short broad-based cephalic tentacles.
Unless the opercular and nuclear characters are known it is aften difficult to distinguish between Turricula and Comitas, except for a general observation that in the latter, the adult sculpture tends to consist of long fold-like axials, crossed by a surface sculpture of closely spaced rather weak spiral lirations or striations.
In Turricula the adult sculpture is mostly a combination of strong axials and spirals, with the former relatively short, aften resulting in peripheral nodulation.
Range — typically New Zealand, upper Oligocene to Recent, Eocene to Miocene of southern Australia and Tasmania, Miocene of Java, Miocene and Pliocene of Japan and Okinawa, and the deeper waters of the Indo-Pacific from South Africa to Japan.
In general ferms, Turricula inhabits the shallow warm waters of the Indo-Pacific, and Comitas, the deeper and cooler waters of approximately the same area and southward to Australia and New Zealand.


Powell, A.W.B. : The Molluscan Families Speightiidae and Turridae. 1966.
Author: Jan Delsing

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Included taxa

Number of records: 61

species Comitas aequatorialis J. Thiele, 1925
species Comitas albicincta A. Adams & L. A. Reeve, 1850

Comitas albicincta

species Comitas anteridion R. B. Watson, 1881

Comitas anteridion

species Comitas arcana E. A. Smith, 1899

Comitas arcana

species Comitas bolognai L. Bozzetti, 2001
species Comitas breviplicata E. A. Smith, 1899

Comitas breviplicata

species Comitas chuni E. von Martens, 1902

Comitas chuni

species Comitas crenularoides Pritchard, 1896
species Comitas curviplicata A.V. Sysoev, 1996

Comitas curviplicata

species Comitas elegans A.V. Sysoev, 1996

Comitas elegans

species Comitas ensyuensis Shikama & Hayashi, 1977

Comitas ensyuensis

species Comitas erica J. Thiele, 1925

Comitas erica

species Comitas eurina E. A. Smith, 1899

Comitas eurina

species Comitas exstructa E. von Martens, 1903

Comitas exstructa

species Comitas galatheae A. W. B. Powell, 1969

Comitas galatheae

species Comitas granuliplicata S. Kosuge, 1992
species Comitas habei T. Shuto, 1961
species Comitas halicyria J. C. Melvill, 1904

Comitas halicyria

species Comitas hayashii (T. Shikama, 1977)

Comitas hayashii

species Comitas hillegondae Martin, 1931
species Comitas ilariae Bozzetti, 1991

Comitas ilariae

species Comitas kaderleyi Lischke, 1872

Comitas kaderleyi

species Comitas kamakurana H.A. Pilsbry, 1895
species Comitas kayalensis Dey, 1962
species Comitas kirai A. W. B. Powell, 1969
species Comitas kuroharai Oyama, 1962

Comitas kuroharai

species Comitas laura J. Thiele, 1925

Comitas laura

species Comitas lurida A. Adams & L. A. Reeve, 1850

Comitas lurida

species Comitas luzonica A. W. B. Powell, 1969

Comitas luzonica

species Comitas makiyamai T. Shuto, 1961
species Comitas malayana J. Thiele, 1925

Comitas malayana

species Comitas margaritae E. A. Smith, 1904

Comitas margaritae

species Comitas melvilli M. M. Schepman, 1913

Comitas melvilli

species Comitas miyazakiensis T. Shuto, 1961
species Comitas murrawolga T. A. Garrard, 1961

Comitas murrawolga

species Comitas oahuensis A. W. B. Powell, 1969

Comitas oahuensis

species Comitas obliquicostata E. von Martens, 1901
species Comitas obtusigemmata M. M. Schepman, 1913

Comitas obtusigemmata

species Comitas onokeana King, 1933
species Comitas opulenta J. Thiele, 1925
species Comitas pachycercus A.V. Sysoev & P. Bouchet, 2001

Comitas pachycercus

species Comitas pagodaeformis M. M. Schepman, 1913

Comitas pagodaeformis

species Comitas parvifusiformis B.Q. Li & X.Z. Li, 2008
species Comitas paupera (R.B. Watson, 1881)

Comitas paupera

species Comitas peelae Bozzetti, 1993

Comitas peelae

species Comitas powelli H.A. Rehder & H.S. Ladd, 1973
species Comitas pseudoclarae A. W. B. Powell, 1944
species Comitas raybaudii L. Bozzetti, 1994
species Comitas rex A.V. Sysoev, 1997

Comitas rex

species Comitas rotundata R. B. Watson, 1881

Comitas rotundata

species Comitas saldanhae K. H. Barnard, 1958

Comitas saldanhae

species Comitas sobrina Yokoyama, 1923 Japan
species Comitas sobrinaeformis Nomura, 1937
species Comitas stolida R. B. Hinds, 1843

Comitas stolida

species Comitas subsuturalis E. von Martens, 1902

Comitas subsuturalis

species Comitas suluensis A. W. B. Powell, 1969

Comitas suluensis

species Comitas suratensis (K.H.J. Thiele, 1925)
species Comitas thisbe E. A. Smith, 1906

Comitas thisbe

species Comitas trailli F. W. Hutton, 1873
species Comitas vezo Bozzetti, 2001

Comitas vezo

species Comitas yokoyamai Oyama, 1954

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