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Pleurochloridaceae Pascher, 1937

kingdom Chromalveolata »  phylum Heterokontophyta »  class Xanthophyceae - yellow-green algae »  order Mischococcales

Scientific synonyms

Pseudocharaciopsidaceae (partim.) p

Included taxa

Number of records: 39

genus Acanthochloris A. Pascher, 1930
genus Actinellipsoidion H. Ettl, 1977
genus Aulakochloris A. Pascher, 1930
genus Bracchiogonium (Pascher)Ettl,1965
genus Chlorallantus Pascher, 1930
genus Chlorarkys Pascher, 1939
genus Chloridella A. Pascher, 1932
genus Chlorocloster Pascher, 1925
genus Chlorogibba Geitler, 1928
genus Chromochloris Kol & F. Chodat, 1934
genus Diachros Pascher, 1937
genus Ellipsoidion Pascher
genus Endochloridion Pascher, 1930
genus Goniochloris Geitler, 1928
genus Isthmochloron H. Skuja, 1948
genus Keriosphaera Pascher, 1939
genus Meringosphaera Lohmann, 1932
genus Monallantus Pascher, 1939
genus Monodus Chodat, 1913
genus Nephrodiella Pascher, 1937
genus Pleurochloris Pascher, 1925
genus Pleurogaster Pascher, 1937
genus Polyedriella Pascher, 1930
genus Polygoniochloris Ettl, 1977
genus Prismatella Pascher, 1939
genus Pseudopolyedriopsis Gollerbach, 1962
genus Pseudostaurastrum R. Chodat, 1921
genus Pseudotetraëdron F.J. MacEntee, H.C. Bold & P.A. Archibald, 1977
genus Rhombidella Pascher, 1939
genus Schilleriella A. Pascher, 1932
genus Skiadosphaera (A.Pascher)A.Pascher,1938
genus Sklerochlamys Pascher, 1937
genus Tetraëdriella A. Pascher
genus Tetragoniella Pascher, 1930
genus Tetraplektron Fott, 1957
genus Trachychloron Pascher, 1939
genus Trachycystis Pascher, 1939
genus Trachydiscus Ettl, 1964
genus Vischeria Pascher, 1938

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p part of an original larger group