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Lophophaenidae Haeckel, 1881

kingdom Rhizaria »  phylum Radiozoa »  class Polycystina »  order Nassellaria

Included taxa

Number of records: 28

genus Amphiplecta Haeckel, 1881
genus Antarctissa Petrushevskaya, 1967
genus Arachnocorallium Haeckel, 1887
genus Arachnocorys Haeckel, 1860
genus Archiperidium Haeckel, 1881
genus Botryopera Haeckel, 1887
genus Ceratocyrtis Bütschli, 1881
genus Dimelissa Campbell, 1951
genus Helotholus Jörgensen, 1905
genus Lampromitra Haeckel, 1881
genus Lamprotripus Haeckel, 1881
genus Lithomelissa Ehrenberg, 1847
genus Lophophaena Ehrenberg, 1847
genus Lophophaenoma Haeckel, 1887
genus Marimoum Funakawa, 1994
genus Ovum de Wever, 1982
genus Periarachnium Haeckel, 1881
genus Peridium Haeckel, 1887
genus Peromelissa Haeckel, 1881
genus Phormacantha Jörgensen, 1905
genus Plectacantha Jörgensen, 1905
genus Pseudocubus Haeckel, 1887
genus Pseudodictyophimus Petrushevskaya, 1971
genus Sethocephalus Haeckel, 1887
genus Sethocorys Haeckel, 1881
genus Steganocubus Sugiyama, 1993
genus Syscioscenium Sugiyama, 1992
genus Tripodocyrtis Funakawa, 1994

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