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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Lepidoptera - butterflies and moths »  family Tortricidae - Leafroller Moths »  subfamily Tortricinae

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Included taxa

Number of records: 124

genus Acropolitis Meyrick, 1881
genus Adoxophyes Meyrick, 1881
genus Allodemis Diakonoff, 1983
genus Ancyroclepsis Diakonoff, 1976
genus Anisotenes Diakonoff, 1952
genus Anthophrys Diakonoff, 1960
genus Antiphrastis Meyrick, 1930
genus Aphelia Hübner, 1825
genus Aphthonocosma Diakonoff, 1953
genus Apoctena
genus Archepandemis Mutuura, 1978
genus Archidemis Diakonoff, 1968
genus Archips Hübner, 1825
genus Argyrotaenia Stephens, 1852
genus Aristocosma Meyrick, 1881
genus Arizelana Diakonoff, 1953
genus Ascerodes
genus Asteriognatha Diakonoff, 1983
genus Atelodora Meyrick, 1881
genus Authomaema Turner, 1916
genus Balioxena
genus Battalia
genus Borboniella Diakonoff, 1957
genus Borneogena
genus Cacoecimorpha Obraztsov, 1954
genus Catamacta
genus Ceramea
genus Chiraps
genus Chirapsina
genus Choristoneura Lederer, 1859
genus Clepsis Guenée, 1845
genus Coeloptera Turner, 1945
genus Cornips
genus Cryptoptila Meyrick, 1881
genus Cudonigera Obraztsov & Powell, 1977
genus Daemilus Yasuda, 1972
genus Diactora
genus Dicellitis
genus Dichelia Guenée, 1845
genus Dichelopa Lower, 1901
genus Diedra Rubinoff & Powell, 1999
genus Droceta
genus Dynatocephala Diakonoff, 1983
genus Ecclitica Meyrick, 1923
genus Egogepa
genus Epichoristodes Diakonoff, 1960
genus Epiphyas Turner, 1927
genus Ericodesma Dugdale, 1971
genus Geogepa
genus Glyphidoptera Turner, 1916
genus Goniotorna
genus Harmologa
genus Hiceteria
genus Homona Walker, 1863
genus Homonopsis Kuznetsov, 1964
genus Isochorista Meyrick, 1881
genus Isodemis Diakonoff, 1952
genus Isotenes Meyrick, 1938
genus Leucotenes
genus Lozotaenia Stephens, 1829
genus Lozotaeniodes Obraztsov, 1954
genus Lumaria Diakonoff, 1976
genus Meridemis Diakonoff, 1976
genus Merophyas Common, 1964
genus Neocalyptis Diakonoff, 1941
genus Nkandla
genus Orilesa
genus Panaphelix
genus Pandemis Hübner, 1825
genus Peteliacma
genus Planostocha Meyrick, 1912
genus Procalyptis Meyrick, 1910
genus Procrica
genus Pternozyga
genus Ptycholoma Stephens, 1829
genus Ptycholomoides Obraztsov, 1954
genus Pyrgotis
genus Raisapoana
genus Sychnovalva Razowski, 1997
genus Syndemis Hübner, 1825
genus Terricula Falkovitsh, 1965
genus Terthreutis Meyrick, 1918
genus Thrincophora Meyrick, 1881
genus Tosirips Razowski, 1987
genus Tremophora
genus Xenotemna Powell, 1964
genus Xenothictis Meyrick, 1910
genus Zacorisca Meyrick, 1910

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